David Banner has called on the Hip Hop community to lend a helping hand to Mississippi in the wake of a deadly tornado that devastated the Rolling Fork region over the weekend.

The “Stuntin’ Is A Habit” hitmaker took to Instagram to plead with his followers to dish out support for the city of Rolling Fork, as well as other Mississippi regions that were impacted by numerous tornadoes that leveled the state over the weekend. Rolling Fork was hit especially hard, as a 170 mph tornado on Friday (March 24) mostly destroyed the town.

“My thoughts and prayers are with all the families and communities in Mississippi impacted by these devastating and deadly tornadoes,” Banner wrote in the caption. ” There are many communities, in addition to Rolling Fork, that were totally devastated by the storm but may not be receiving the same amount of news coverage. It’s important that we all show up to support them and ensure they receive the disaster relief and aid they need.  Take action, do your research and support donation sites local to Rolling Fork to get help to our people.”

Banner also narrated the video, which included a montage of some of the damage, and was asking anyone that enjoys Hip Hop to find a way to help.

“Anybody who listens to Hip Hop, benefits off Hip Hop, blogs about, talks about, listens to Hip Hop I need your help,” Banner began. “My state has been hit with some terrible, terrible weather, and in the area of Rolling Fork, Mississippi, if you get an opportunity to look up Rolling Fork, Mississippi and see what is happening. #Rollingforkstrong.”

He continued, “I watched something very similar happen during Katrina…A lot of people died. They need help, they need support, but they also need a light to be shined all over the world. So I need you to take this video, share this video, share pictures, share commentary, help in any way that you possibly can because people need you right now and people that views Hip Hop historically for a lot of crazy reasons this is an opportunity to keep a light on people that really, really need your help.”

Banner’s ties to his home state of Mississippi run very deep, and last November was honored with his own day at Louisiana’s Southern University and A&R College to commemorate his impact on the Mississippi community.

As part of an official proclamation, Banner (real name Lavell Crump) shared on Instagram, that November 3 will now be forever recognized as “Lavell Crump Day” at the Southern University’s School of Business.

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The proclamation also read that a scholarship in Banner’s name would be “executed” in the fall of 2023.

“They almost got a tear out of me!!!” Banner wrote of the accomplishment on IG, sharing a picture of him holding the official proclamation document.

David Banner had previously teased his involvement with Southern University, his alma mater, with an Instagram post of the university’s logo on Thursday (November 3). Banner was also spotted having an intellectual conversation on the school’s campus about how to communicate with closed-off “elders” about legal marijuana and its benefits.