Danny Brown has revealed he’s checking into rehab following a drunken incident on his podcast.

On the latest episode of The Danny Brown Show, the Detroit rapper said he had turned in his long-awaited Quaranta album two years ago, but claimed there was a lack of urgency from Warp Records to release the project.

He then told fans to tweet his label and manager, Dart Parker, using the hashtags #FreeDanny and #FreeQuaranta.

However, Danny Brown took to Twitter on Tuesday (January 28) to explain he was “drunk and talking shit” and that he would be taking himself to rehab the following day.

“Aye chill out with all the #FreeDanny shit,” he wrote. “I was drunk and talking shit and that’s why my dumb ass is checking into treatment tomorrow got nothing but love for dart and warp so chill out the album is mastered.”

When a fan laughed at Brown telling people to “harass” his manager, he replied: “That’s why alcohol is something I need to be done with cause it makes me hurt the people that care the most.”

Danny Brown previously announced his plans to go to rehab at SXSW earlier this month. He explained that receiving treatment was overdue and he was doing shows in order to pay for his time in a facility.

“At the end of the day, I’m 42 years old, sitting around smoking blunts all day, and getting drunk is getting old,” he said on stage, according to VIBE. “Y’all have y’all fun but shit could get dark. I’m going to get help.

“Honestly, my dumb ass supposed to been gone, but I’m broke so I gotta do shows to take my ass in, so shoutout to Dr. Martens.”

He also apologized for influencing any of his fans to take drugs after listening to his lyrics.

“I’ma go do my lil time, but I will say this,” he added. “I made so many songs about doing drugs … sometimes I feel bad about that shit … if I fucked your life up, I’m sorry.”

Danny Brown opened up about his alcohol problem during a recent interview with DIY Magazine, explaining how touring and the overall lifestyle of a musician was at the root of it all.

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Danny Brown Thinks New York Drill Rappers All 'Sound Like Batman': 'That Shit Ain't Fire!'

“It started out just having a few drinks before the show ‘cause you’re nervous,” he said. “I never was a drinker like that, but once you tour so much, and then you got everything for free…

“And you know, a lot of times we ain’t never been through shit like this before so we ain’t really got that discipline for it. It takes some years to get it. I’m still figuring it out at 42.”

He continued: “I guess I’m pretty good. It’s just been too long, you know? I’m not really doing drugs like that any more, so I guess that’s a good thing, but in the past few years, because of that, it made me drink more.

“And if you do coke and pills and shit, you know how you can drink more, it balances it out a little bit? So if you cut one out and you’re just using one… that’s kinda how it was with me with alcohol.”

Danny Brown’s rehab plans come just days after he released his new collaborative album with JPEGMAFIA, Scaring the Hoes. His last solo project uknowhatimsayin¿ dropped in 2019.