City Girls have announced that they’re back and ready to ramp up excitement, with the release of a new track designed to dominate the summer.

The Miami rap duo — comprised of Yung Miami and JT — have been cooking up some major heat in the studio lately. On Sunday (March 19), the pair teased the new track via Instagram.

The snippet shows the rap starlets looking stunning as they tease the yet-to-be-released single.

“What good is that n—a bag, if he don’t spend it/ Bad b*tches love shopping sprees last minute.” Miami raps in the clip. “Bags packed, flight booked, b*tch we ain’t tripping/ Girl bring some more ones, don’t let me start tipping.”

Last month, during an interview with Angie Martinez, when asked about the City Girls’ future, JT said that she prays that their egos and men don’t get in the way of their success. While she didn’t explicitly hint at a breakup, the comments had many wondering if it was the end of them.

“Hopefully the future of the City Girls can be the City Girls. And I pray that our egos does not separate it. Or the internet. Or guys. Or like, nothing!” she began.

Yung Miami Lends Support To Chrisean Rock Amid Blueface Drama: ‘You’re Beautiful'

Yung Miami Lends Support To Chrisean Rock Amid Blueface Drama: ‘You’re Beautiful'

“Sometimes I be on my shit; sometimes she be on her shit,” she continued. “You know? Like, we’re human; we’re women. We’re not girls, we’re women. Sometimes I wanna be with my man, just like sometimes she wanna be with her man. And I hope that’s not what be the reason or interfere.”

Luckily, for the “Citizens” (which is the name of the pair’s fanbase), this new track proves the City Girls are here to stay.

In other City Girl news, Yung Miami was the target of jokes after making her cameo appearance in a recent episode of 50 Cent‘s BMF show. She played the role of Deanna Washington, who at one point in the show was informed by Big Meech’s character about the death of her husband.

Critics on Twitter have torn apart what was meant to be a gut-wrenching moment, as Yung Miami’s fake crying became a source of hilarity for many viewers. “Caresha had me screaming on BMF last night,” wrote one user. “She’s mad funny.”

Miami saw the comment, and responded to the onslaught of criticism, writing on March 10: “It wasn’t funny lol.”

Method Man, an accomplished rapper-turned-actor, offered Miami some advice, and told her to “ignore the haters.” The Hip Hop veteran and star of 50’s Power Book II: Ghost, told TMZ that Yung Miami should keep her head up and push past the “white noise” that has been spreading about her acting abilities.

“Fuck people. People are mean,” the Wu-Tang Clan legend said as he walked to his car in New York City. “White noise. White noise…I love the City Girls, they’re dope.”