Chrisean Rock has taken a lot of heat for allegedly smoking in public while pregnant following her announcement that she was expecting earlier this year.

The TV personality has had an eventful start to her week after a clip of her shuffling a certain item between her fingertips emerged online Sunday (March 26). In the clip, Chrisean is seen sitting in a vehicle with several others, with what looks to be a blunt in her hand.

Since the clip dropped, the Baltimore native has been trending all over the internet, facing harsh criticism for smoking while pregnant, which has been known to have harmful effects on an unborn fetus.

The announcement of Rock’s pregnancy fell on the same day as Blueface’s 26th birthday in January. Prior to sharing that she and her on-again-off-again boyfriend were expecting a bundle of joy, she revealed that she had terminated at least three pregnancies with him in the past, but was determined to keep this one.

Following her announcement, Blueface vehemently denied being the father, along with accusing her of being “mentally unfit” to be a parent. It was even suggested by him that she get an abortion.

Yung Miami Lends Support To Chrisean Rock Amid Blueface Drama: ‘You’re Beautiful'

Yung Miami Lends Support To Chrisean Rock Amid Blueface Drama: ‘You’re Beautiful'

As of late, Blueface has had a change of heart. Earlier this month, he admitted after some protesting that Chrisean Rock’s baby is most likely his. However, he doesn’t seem excited about it.

The “Thotiana” rapper took to Instagram Live to air his grievances with his pregnant ex-girlfriend. The L.A. native referred to Rock’s unborn child as a “doo-doo baby,” before acknowledging that there’s a pretty high chance that he is indeed the father.

“That baby diaper finna be shitty as hell, I can see it now,” he said. “We finna have a doo-doo baby, on God. I done already chalked it up. There’s an eight out of 10 chance it’s mine, I ain’t gonna lie. Them odds is pretty high.”

He continued: “So people on here that’s like, ‘I thought you said it wasn’t your baby.’ Bitch, I ain’t stupid. I been fucking a bitch. There’s a 20 percent chance it’s not my baby, but there’s an 80 percent chance it is, on God. You hear me? Y’all be more realistic on this muthafucka.”