CHIKA has taken aim at 50 Cent after he posted a meme that insinuated Megan Thee Stallion is lying about being shot by Tory Lanez.

After Fif shared a picture of Meg’s face slowly morphing into Jussie Smollett’s face, CHIKA unleashed a series of tweets on Saturday (December 17).

“Damn I’m confused all this shit going around,” 50 wrote with the meme – which references how Smollett was infamously found guilty of falsely reporting a hate crime. “I don’t know what to think.”

“If you took even a second to read through the court proceedings, it wouldn’t be so confusing,” CHIKA began in response. “as a figure in hip-hop, you should be responsible with how you use your platform. targeting the victim of a shooting ain’t it and never will be. i think you know that 9x over.

“there is literally no reason to believe that a story that hasn’t changed & came out involuntarily is untrue,” she continued. “i cannot imagine being @theestallion and having to see grown ass men cape for another not-so-grown ass man whose ego caused him to assault her with a deadly weapon.”

She went on to assert that Lanez will end up being charged for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

“you niggas can unkindly fuck off and talk about something that can be expressed at the 2.3 reading level you possess,” CHIKA said. “it’s tired, it’s triggering, it’s fuckin disgusting, and it needs to STOP. y’all been at it for 2 years. your Leprechaun King is getting convicted. period.”

She then took a more direct approach at 50 Cent, dissing his album sales, his music and more.

“black men ESPECIALLY should have been holding Megan up and being gentle with her as she has had to deal with this all in the public eye. instead, you’ve chosen to stay silent and only speak when your baseless disbelief can be used to discredit her. literally FUCK you.”

She continued, “you dismissing sensless violence towards a woman while posting shit on instagram every time you get into your pussy ass feelings about a grown man typing out something YOU dislike. nigga, take a nap! you retired bc kanye outsold and even HE ain’t worth a damn. both bitches.”

“the only reason these bitch ass niggas feel comfortable speaking on this case is because it’s a black woman. let it have been one of their non-black, culture vulture ass sex dolls or even a nigga they respect, there would be no jokes. and they have no reason to disrespect Meg.”

CHIKA finished out her tweets by dismissing anyone who would have something to say about her commentary.

DaBaby Apologizes For 'Insensitive' Comments + CHIKA Goes In: 'You Are Mediocre In Every Way'

DaBaby Apologizes For 'Insensitive' Comments + CHIKA Goes In: 'You Are Mediocre In Every Way'

“protect black women, PERIOD. #WeStandWithMegan,” she said in conclusion. “k, i’m done. call me messy or say i’m ‘always inserting myself into drama,’ i really dgaf. you weird ass niggas need someone like me to bring you down to earth. you aren’t as uncheckable as you’d like to believe.”

The felony assault trial against Tory Lanez finally kicked off last week after numerous delays. The trial is expected to last for approximately 10 days. If convicted, Tory faces up to 22 years and eight months behind bars, as well as subsequent deportation to Canada.