Cassidy has made it a point to remind fans of his lyrical prowess in a new freestyle that hears him destroy the beat for Lil Wayne and DMX‘s “Kant Nobody” — see it below.

The Philly native stopped by The Bootleg Kev Podcast this week to put his hard-hitting bars to the test in what felt like an easy lyrical exercise for Cassidy.

“I chose to rap, give me my credit like when the movie wrap/ I use a strap, I find out you is a rat you get clapped and all your friends dead Lil Uzi track/ Facts, don’t make me spend the block/ Last opp that I shot in the box and won’t get to shoot me back/ Goofy cats need to relax and get off the internet/ If time money, homie, you only got one minute left,” he raps in the clip.

He goes on: You got the guap and copped the watch and spent your check/ How you got the guap but did not stop at the dentist yet?”

While “Kan’t Nobody” features a posthumous DMX verse and samples his 1998 track “N-ggaz Done Started Something,” this isn’t the only overlap between X and Cassidy.

In his interview with Bootleg Kev, Cas recalled paying the late Yonkers icon a visit in Arizona in 2006 while working on his third album B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story, and shared a wild story involving DMX and a live scorpion.

“I went back to Arizona for my third album,” Cassidy said. “That was the last time I was really around X, went to his crib… X was in a positive zone. I was liking how he was carrying it at that time.

“One of the memorable moments was when he showed me this giant scorpion we was riding past. He was on the four-wheeler, we was in the car and he was leading us back to the road to leave. And then he turned around and said, ‘Yo, y’all wanna see a scorpion?’”

He continued: “He took a rock and threw it down and it made the scorpion tail come off. He picked it up like this, and poison was dripping and he was like, ‘Look, look!’”

Cassidy has garnered a reputation as a lyrical savant dating back to his days as a battle rapper two decades ago. Perhaps his most famous battle took place in 2001 in Philly when he defeated Freeway — but don’t expect the long-rumored rematch to happen anytime soon.

Cassidy Wishes He Got To Know R. Kelly Better While Making 'Hotel'

Cassidy Wishes He Got To Know R. Kelly Better While Making 'Hotel'

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen. It was locked in with the URL, Smack and them,” Cassidy told Dirty Glove Bastard on an episode of Off the Porch last week. “They locked it in. They set it up. They having some little issues with executing it so I don’t necessarily think it’s gonna go down.

“I mean, I’m ready even if they want to do it tomorrow. We could do it and make it happen but I’m not sure if it’s gon’ go down or not.”

He continued: “That’s why I want to leave it at that. I didn’t think that me battling Free again was the best idea because of that history and of that old tape it’s like etched in stone. Trying to relive that 20 years later, what would be the point?”