Cassidy has revealed that his rap battle rematch with Freeway which was originally scheduled for last year, probably won’t be taking place anymore.

The “Im A Hustla” rhymer sat down with Dirty Glove Bastard for an episode of Off the Porch last week where he detailed the reasoning behind the cancelation of the anticipated rematch to the 2001 bout.

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen. It was locked in with the URL, Smack and them,” he said. “They locked it in. They set it up. They having some little issues with executing it so I don’t necessarily think it’s gonna go down.

“I mean, I’m ready even if they want to do it tomorrow. We could do it and make it happen but I’m not sure if it’s gon’ go down or not.”

After having time to think it over, Cas would rather fans have the lasting memory of the famous 2001 battle rather than trying to recreate that energy two decades later with Freeway.

“That’s why I want to leave it at that. I didn’t think that me battling Free again was the best idea because of that history and of that old tape it’s like etched in stone,” Cassidy said. “Trying to relive that 20 years later, what would be the point?

“I know it would be a lot of people interested in it and it would bring a lot of eyes that normally might not watch battle rap, but I don’t think it would be that good of a battle.”

The Philly native believes the battle with the “What We Do” rapper wouldn’t be nearly as close as it was the first time.

“I think it would have been even worse for Free than the first time,” he declared. “The first time we was more in the same place. We was both up-and-coming artists, hungry and thirsty like on the grind, but now I’ve been back into this new form of battle rap… And he hasn’t battled since our last battle, so it would be a disadvantage on his side.”

Cassidy Wants To Battle Eminem For 'Biggest Battle Rapper' Crown

Cassidy Wants To Battle Eminem For 'Biggest Battle Rapper' Crown

Cas and Freeway battled for six rounds at a local Philly club called Dances and the event was hosted by Swizz Beatz. At the end, Cassidy was dubbed the winner by most viewers as Free ran out of rhymes.

Both parties pulled up to Drake’s Til Death Do Us Part battle in October 2021 to announce their rematch plans at the URLTV and Caffeine-helmed event.

“All I want to let y’all know is bars is back,” Cassidy said at the time. “2022 we gonna get something big popping. This not just for my city Philadelphia, but it’s for the fucking culture.

“You know we started this shit. Before y’all seen any of these n-ggas battle, before y’all seen any these n-ggas hit the stage and do any of this shit, y’all seen me and [Freeway] going at it. Y’all about to see it all over again. The futuristic version of this shit, and I can’t wait.”