Cassidy has stated that his cultural impact can’t be ignored by fans or critics during his heyday as one of rap’s punchline kings.

Speaking on The Bootleg Kev Podcast in a clip that arrived on Friday (March 31), the Philly rapper reminisced about the synergy between himself, Lil Wayne, and Fabolous in the studio. All three lyrical giants collaborated on “6 Minutes,” taken from Cassidy’s second album, I’m a Hustla.

When Bootleg Kev asked if the session was competitive, Cas confirmed it was while diving more into the makings of the record.

“I was in New York, and Wayne came through,” Cassidy began. “I was in the studio with Fab a lot back then; so Fab came through the studio. Like, we really locked in. We wasn’t really like sending records or nothing like that. We really locked in and made it happen. I was the one that put that record together. It wasn’t like a label thing or something like that.”

He continued: “I knew Wayne was rapping at the time and I knew that Fab was rapping at the time so if all of us came and went crazy like that, no hook, it don’t even gotta be about no hook, tryna make a hit record, I know we can do that. That’s easy. But, just talking about spitting, and I knew that would make a mark, so that’s why I wanted to put that record together.

“I think ever since I came out, I just changed the trajectory of how shit was going. I made it more competitive, made you have to be more lyrical, made you have to have more punchlines and lyrics, and piece up more syllables just to sound like you was spittin’. Because before, you ain’t have nothin’ else to compare it to, but when you can listen to me doing it like this, if you supposed to be lyrical, you gotta be doing it to a certain level. So around that time I came out, you started to see a lot of people change.”

Cassidy then spoke about how his 2005 hit single, “I’m a Hustla” inspired other rap anthems at that point, including 50 Cent’s “I Get Money.”

Both Wayne and Fab were two of the hottest rappers in the game at the time. Weezy was experiencing the fruits of being a solo artist with the release of his 2005 platinum-selling album, Tha Carter II while Loso continued his dominance of releasing soulful Hip Hop records with his 2005 track “Baby” featuring Mike Shorey.

Cassidy Recalls 'Wild' DMX Scorpion Story: 'He Ain't Give A Fuck About Nothing'

Cassidy Recalls 'Wild' DMX Scorpion Story: 'He Ain't Give A Fuck About Nothing'

Cas has been taking a lot of trips down memory lane as of late. In the same conversation with Bootleg Kev, Cas also spoke about how he wished he would have interacted more with former collaborator R. Kelly better than he did while making his debut smash hit, “Hotel.”
“I wish I got a chance to bust it up with him more and see what type of dude he is,” Cassidy said. “The second time I met him was at the video shoot and I never got a chance to meet him after that. It was my first project and I had no records out so I ain’t really have nothing for him to be connected to me.” Cassidy’s first album, Split Personality was released in 2004.
Cassidy’s trip to Bootleg Kev also saw him spit a devastating freestyle over the beat for Lil Wayne and DMX‘s “Kant Nobody.”