Bun B has let it be known that he’s a big fan of Benny The Butcher, praising the Griselda rapper’s Def Jam debut, Everybody Can’t Go.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday (January 27), the UGK rapper shared a screenshot of Benny’s album from Apple Music.



“This the one to beat this year. So rap accordingly,” Bun B captioned the post. “Way to go @getbenny big stepping with @defjam on ya shoulders! Hard work paid off! @griseldarecords @blacksopranofamilyrecords.”

Benny hopped in the comments to show his appreciation, using three “prayers up” emojis. Conway The Machine added in three “fire” emojis as well.

Check out the post below:

Benny the Butcher Bun B

The Black Soprano Family leader has been making noise outside of his stellar new album. Earlier in January, Benny, who has long been associated with revivalist Hip Hop, made it clear that even his brand of music needs to adjust to the current landscape.

A Twitter/X user wrote: “IMO, The underground boombap scene needs to evolve a little bit. Seems like everyone got the same collab ambitions and doing the same shit over and over. More branching out. Don’t box yourself in the same shit that 15 other n-ggas just did.”

The Griselda MC noticed the post and quoted it with the comment: “I couldn’t agree more.”



Benny The Butcher’s career arc demonstrates his adaptability and, as a result, his increasing popularity among Hip Hop heads of all breeds. Not everyone, however, has been welcoming of the change.

In 2023, the Buffalo native engaged in a back-and-forth with a die-hard fan who didn’t seem particularly thrilled about his chosen path.

Benny The Butcher Gives Hit-Boy His Flowers While Striking Out At Overcritical 'Nerds'

The exchange began when the “BRON” rapper tweeted: “I’m on a 7 year run. Only 3 years away from the 10 year run I promised y’all on 1 way flight.”

Soon after, a user by the name Brick Ban Exel quoted the post and wrote: “But the last 4 years been late career Vince Carter big dog,” to which the 39-year-old replied: “This wat I mean bout y’all lil opinions Numbers never went down champ…only UP…however u feel personally is not the reality of the situation. God bless u.”



The fan then responded: “C’mon fam. I been rocking w you since [his 2016 album] My First Brick & [2017 mixtape] Butcher on [Ste]Roids & got a frame of your album in my crib. No one rocks w you more than me, but I gotta keep it a stack, you not hitting beats the same way you used to. Go listen to Butcher on Roids. Always rooting for you.”