Blueface has become the butt of fans’ jokes after a video of the rapper attempting to deadlift approximately 300 pounds surfaced on social media this week.

In the video originally posted by personal trainer and podcaster Bradley Martin, the rapper can be seen shaking as he lifts what looks like between 270 to 320 pounds. After successfully completing the single repetition, he admits that the effort left him lightheaded.

While the comments on Martin’s page were mostly positive, the jokes ensued once other Instagram and Twitter accounts began sharing the clip. Responding to a repost on IG account @Rap, former NFL running back Le’Veon Bell wrote: “Shakin’ like a shripper [stripper] [crying laughing emoji.”

Bell wasn’t the only one to draw that comparison, with one Twitter user making the exact same comment, while another joked that Blueface “was throwing ass.”


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One commentor called back to Blue’s brief history as a football player at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. “No way blueface made it all the way to college football with that deadlift form [crying emoji],” they tweeted.

Despite all the jokes, however, some also showed concern for how the strength test might have impacted the “Thotiana” rapper physically, with many commenting something to the effect of, “Blueface whole back gon be locked up tomorrow from that nasty deadlift [crying emojis, crying laughing emoji].”

In a video from the same workout session that surfaced earlier this week, Chrisean Rock showed an impressive amount of strength as she attempted to deadlift the barbell with weighted plates equaling 315 pounds. The Internet personality at the very least demonstrated better form than her on-again-off-again boyfriend, showing that she knows a thing or two about weightlifting.

Chrisean Rock brought the barbell up to about three-quarters before she lets it drop to the mat. People in the gym were shocked to see her almost complete the set with her small stature, but Rock barely broke a sweat.

“That’s 310?” Chrisean Rock asks in the clip before Blueface and a trainer tell her she lifted 315 pounds. “I said 300, yo. I don’t want that shit. I’m going to be hurting in the morning, though.”

She continues: “Yo, I liked that. Now y’all making me want to hit it.”

Charleston White Weighs In On Blueface & Chrisean Rock’s Wild Relationship

Chrisean Rock’s display of strength shouldn’t come as a surprise: like Blueface, she was once a college athlete, a track star at Santa Monica College in California.

She’s shared in the past that she did track as an outlet to escape her rough life in Baltimore, Maryland, and was even highlighted in the city’s WBFF “Maryland Moment” segment in July 2020, where she spoke about her sports career.

Things didn’t pan out for Chrisean Rock in the sports world, and she ended up going down the Hip Hop route and aspired to become a rapper. She eventually met Blueface, and the rest is history.