Beanie Sigel has recounted his beef with The LOX, in particular the time Jadakiss got angry at State Property’s infamous Hot 97 freestyle diss at the height of their rivalry.

During the latest segment of his conversation with Vlad TV, Beans recalled the 2002 freestyle that dealt a vicious blow to The LOX. Sheek Louch had previously shared the story during his talk with Vlad and explained that Kiss was so aggravated with the freestyle that he grabbed his gun and wanted to head to Hot 97 to deal with the situation in person.

According to Beanie Sigel, that was the reaction his crew wanted, as they were from Philadelphia and wanted to prove themselves to their New York counterparts. Funk Flex didn’t make the situation any better either, as he told Beanie Sigel, Freeway and the rest of the State Property to go in with the freestyle.

“I think probably the initial drive is that we was from Philly and Flex was like, ‘Kill them n-ggas,'” Beans said. “I mean, I’m glad it didn’t go there, but that’s the reaction you want, though, yeah we had to do that. They gonna one and done n-ggas so it’s like you gotta be relentless.”

The infamous freestyle took place in 2002 and heard the State Property crew take apart The LOX on classic beats for songs such as G-Dep’s “Special Delivery,” Mobb Deep’s “The Learning (Burn),” JAY-Z’s “Jigga That N-gga” and more. The LOX weren’t the only rappers to get dissed on the track, as Nas, Jaz-O and others received shots too.

That moment saw the Roc-A-Fella and The LOX beef hit its peak as Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss were leading the way for their respective crews. Elsewhere in his conversation with Vlad TV, Beanie Sigel revealed that whole beef started because JAY-Z served a couple of subliminal shots at Jadakiss on the remix to R. Kelly’s “Fiesta.”

“Kiss had that record. He was on that R. Kelly record,” Beans said about the original “Fiesta” track. “He didn’t take a shot at me. Jay took a shot at them. ‘After the party it’s the hotel lobby … and after the original it’s probably this.’ That ‘Fiesta’ joint. Kiss and them was on that joint first.”

He continued: “It was a shot because it was a couple joints that they was on first and Jay jumped on joints and then you hear little stuff. We all know who the best is Big ain’t here so it was a lot of dark storm.”

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Styles P spoke about the origins of the beef during his visit to Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast and spoke of a similar story of Hov hopping on songs that Kiss and The LOX already did.

“Beans was like us but from Philly,” Styles said. “You already know what Hov and Dame and them were doing, so that was more personal for me. Kiss and Hov kept being on the same remixes and something happened. It just felt like they were aiming at Kiss for me. Kiss is our Derek Jeter. Where we from, you fuck with one of us, you fuck with everybody.”

He also opened up about how he wanted to shoot Hov and Beans over the beef because of how personal it got. According to P, the beef with G-Unit wasn’t going to escalate as much as the one with Roc-A-Fella almost did.

“We didn’t go to war with 50. I would’ve shot Beans and HOV at that time, I wouldn’t have shot 50. There was no emotional ties into it,” he explained. “With Beans and HOV it was more like I got love for them and this is our story when we came up. At that time, I had two guns on me every day — not because of them but because of life.”