Babyface Ray is not a fan of the way the internet has made regular jobs seem “lame” – especially when a lot of the people who appear to be balling are just putting up a facade.

A December interview the Detroit rapper did with The Hip Hop Lab recently went viral for his comments about the apparent war on 9 to 5s. In Ray’s opinion, social media has given way to a world where people making a humble living are painted out to be less-than while in reality, they’re doing better than most.

“The world so crazy due to social media and what be going on,” Ray began. “I just feel like a lot of people is out of character and I’m pretty sure you understand that, bro. I’m talking about as far as n-ggas basing they lives on social media. They feel like they ain’t got something to post on social media, they feel like they ain’t got nothing going on in life for real. That shit weak!”

He continued: “N-ggas who got jobs feel less of a man because n-ggas is flaunting certain type of shit on the internet. And it’s like bro, you got annually and regularly money coming in. Some of these n-ggas is cappin, bro! Some of these n-ggas got $800 left to they whole entire existence and you making that weekly! You know what I’m saying? Cars, cribs and shit – n-ggas be playing for real.

“But social media made it to the point where bitches could say, ‘I don’t want no n-gga wit no 9 to 5!’ That shit lame, bro. That shit lame for real and I don’t be liking that. Like n-gga, what we got going on – me as far as music – I ain’t ask for none of this. This shit just came about. So you might still catch me in Walmart, gas stations jumping out… N-gga, I’m like you!”

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Seemingly speaking to the “normal” lifestyle he still maintains, Babyface Ray was arrested on misdemeanor charges due to outstanding warrants after his BMW broke down in December.

Per a police report obtained by TMZ, Ray’s broken down whip seemed to be blocking the road – causing an officer to report to the scene. After running his ID (real name Marcellus Rayvon Register), the Detroit rapper was booked for several outstanding warrants.

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Babyface Ray’s charges reportedly included “driving with a suspended license, missing a child custody court appearance and improper possession of a weapon” which resulted in him being arrested and brought into the custody of Oakland County Jail.

What’s worse is he’d just purchased and driven the BMW off the lot minutes prior. TMZ also reported that his girlfriend came to take care of the car before he was handcuffed as the sports car had to be towed to a local body shop.

He was released shortly afterward.

As far as his music goes, Babyface Ray is coming off the release of his MOB album in December, which features assists from Lil Durk, Doe Boy, Blxst and more.