Akademiks had himself an embarrassing livestream moment earlier this week when a woman began hurling items at him — including a raw egg she smashed all over his face.

The internet personality was in the middle of speaking about the latest development in the FBG Duck murder case when a woman off-camera began throwing things at him. The woman, who’s believed to be Ak’s girlfriend, then slammed a raw egg into his face and walked off angrily.

Akademiks was caught by surprise as he began wiping off the egg yolk and shell pieces dripping down his face. The people talking on the live stream during the egg smash didn’t even notice what happened as Akademiks looked into his camera.

Check out the incident below:

This isn’t the first time Akademiks has been caught in an embarrassing situation during his livestream. In September 2021, he fell asleep twice while listening to Drake’sCertified Lover Boy the night it was released.

Akademiks usually makes it a spectacle whenever Drake drops something and this time was no different. The 6 God had released his sixth studio album way past midnight and Ak hopped on his livestream to share the moment with fans. He tried his hardest, but the podcast host dozed off on two separate occasions.

When he’s not streaming, Akademiks can sometimes be found beefing with rappers. His latest feud sees him going at it with Blueface, who he’s been trading shots with about their finances and respective careers.

Blueface added fuel to the fire last weekend when he called out Akademiks during a recent No Jumper interview for hate-watching his Crazy In Love reality series, which follows his turbulent relationship with on-again, off-again girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

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Akademiks has also been having issues with Lil Baby and called him out for allegedly running out on a challenge to fight. The media personality’s issues with the rapper can be traced back to his last album, It’s Only Me, where on the songs “From Now On” and “Top Priority,” he called Ak out by name, rapping: “Akademiks know he ain’t as rich as me” and “Akademiks, n-ggas think they can’t get touched.”

Akademiks proceeded to air his frustrations with Baby in a livestream on his Twitch channel last month, calling him a “retarded rapper” while threatening to “choke him to death.”

“I will fight Lil Baby for free or for money,” he said. “I just wanna get in the ring with him. You ain’t got no 4PF, n-gga. I will choke you to death, I will punch you in your face. You’re not doing shit. Stop it. You’re a fucking retarded rapper, you can’t do shit. Stop it. Who gon’ stand on that?”

He added: “If Lil Baby even hinted at it, n-gga, I’d be like, ‘Let’s go. Let’s go, n-gga.'”