6ix9ine has been warned after he was seen pinging his location and flexing $1 million in cash on social media.

The rainbow-haired rapper posted an extensive caption on his latest Instagram post, which saw him snoozing on a private jet while snuggling up with a lap full of money.

His caption detailed his exact arrival time in New Jersey and said the only person he’d be arriving with was his 140-pound cameraman. Other posts on his Instagram carousel saw 6ix9ine flexing some expensive cars as well.

“On my way to New York. I got a million dollars on me and on my mother I’m by myself here’s what the jet lady texted me I copy and pasted it,” he wrote. “Arriving:6:45PM. Airport: signature flight. 1 Airport Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960. Well I’m with the kid who recorded this video but he’s like 5’4 140 solid I swear.”


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The caption seemed to imply that anyone who wanted to confront the “FEFE” lyricist at the airport was free to do so. However, many in the comments section warned him about how dangerous this was, including his close friend and supporter Akademiks, who merely wrote this was a “bad idea.”

“Young man this is not good to post,” wrote one concerned user. “People out here killing each other for a pack of cigarettes.” Another added: “He’s just gonna get himself in trouble, facts! One way or another… Good luck while that lasts.”

Another IG user went so far as to accuse 6ix9ine of making fun of recent rap deaths.

“This is how these artist get gotten,” they wrote. “He shouldn’t be making light or humor of that. A lot of our Artist have ‘unalived’ in this fashion. Not funny.”

This antic is especially treacherous for 6ix9ine considering his reputation as a snitch after he cooperated with federal authorities back in 2020 to convict numerous members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

6ix9ine ultimately apologized for his “snitching” ways, but refused to feel bad about it and has adamantly stood by his decision to do so.

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“Before I got locked up, it was all, ‘Fuck that rainbow-haired kid … y’all didn’t really have a reason to not like me,” he said during an Instagram Live broadcast following his release from jail.

“He’s mad, loud’ — that was your reason. Of course, the go-to is now I snitched. I can’t blame you. I’m sorry to my fans because they don’t deserve that. My family, my mother … don’t deserve it. I’m sorry, but you’re not going to break me down like I did something wrong.”

While 6ix9ine has been quiet on the music front, he’s spent most of his free time keeping close tabs on the ongoing YSL RICO case, and has been relentless in his trolling of Gunna after the “Drip Too Hard” rapper copped a plea deal in December.

The Brooklyn native took to Instagram earlier this month to call out Gunna for referring to YSL as a label after acknowledging it was a “gang” as part of his guilty plea.

“In court you said it was a gang here on IG u saying the label,” he commented on Gunna’s social media post supporting Young Thug and YSL. “Lol u can’t make this shit up.”