03 Greedo has tapped in with fellow artists including Babyface Ray and Maxo Kream for his first post-prison album, Halfway There.

On Sunday (March 19), 03 Greedo released the cover art for his new album. The album cover features him walking mid-step in the rain against a backdrop which shows a boarded up building with purple hues. 03 Greedo is decked out in Louis Vuitton from head to toe with a large duffle bag to accompany the outfit.

03 Greedo captioned the picture of the cover art by saying, “First full length Project since my release from prison last week.” The cover art was created by cover artist 3seater, who also did the cover art for 03 Greedo’s EP, Free 03.

03 Greedo also released the production and features list, which includes contributions from Babyface Ray, Maxo Kream, Ty Dolla $ign, and more.

Halfway There will drop on March 24, 2023.

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The Los Angeles trap artist has been feeding the streets with a constant flow of music while staying in a halfway house. On Thursday (March 16), 03 Greedo released his single “Bacc Like I Never Left,” which is the follow up to his aforementioned EP.

03 Greedo was released from a Texas prison in January where he was incarcerated since 2018 after being paroled some 15 years before the end of his original maximum sentence. The 32-year-old agreed to a plea deal for gun and drug charges in Texas. He was also reportedly facing a possible 300-year sentence for first-degree possession of a controlled substance and third-degree unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

03 Greedo & BlueBucksClan Got All The Vices In 'Pourin'

03 Greedo & BlueBucksClan Got All The Vices In 'Pourin'

Upon his release in January, 03 Greedo went on Instagram and explained to his loyal fans the terms of his freedom along with new music he plans to release.

Yes, I am free from prison but I am still not completely out,” he wrote. “For anyone confused I am in a halfway house for up to 6 months with a five-minute phone call a week. Where I am, I just want to see my daughter and record music. I wish I could have released a lot more music while I was away.

“So, I have this chip on my shoulder to just go record n drop at least 12 tapes before my major album and I honestly just don’t want to talk to alot of people yet. I got a lot I want to clear in my head first. So, if I’m not recording with you or laying with you.”

He added: “I’m not inna rush to talk after damn near 5 years. Just being honest! Salute to the GeeHive and all my supporters, I love you. Thank u for keeping me alive while I was incarcerated. Yours Truly, Cheeto.”