Well after a great hiatus, for some rest and rejuvenation, here’s what you have been looking for. Queens underground first son Johnny Blanco, returns with his follow up single, “Who want Blanco” b/w “I Wanna” both tracks are outstanding, but “Who Want Blanco” is boastful and skill oriented asking the industry who wants Blanco, a street appealing drum arrangement remnants of PSK (as if any of you remember him) with an overlay of Roman Catholic sort of chorus, giving you a horror feel, 2 OG’s has done it again, check them, www.2og.com for more on Blanco and Family.

Out of my home town of Brooklyn, Wax Poetic Production releases their artist, Dujeous. Pushing a double sided single, “Spilt Milk” b/w “All MC’s“. “Spilt Milk” should get to mix rotation but, you know, how I am with b-sides, this one is no shocker, “All MCs” comes up the winner, traditional hip hop. Smooth horn filled bass line, big drums, tight lyrics what more can you ask for, except. All MC’s in the house tonight if your lyrics are tight then rock the mic right. Hit them up for more info at dujeous@hotmail.com.

Under The Needle Records, debuts artist Sleep, who’s double sided single wins with “Cats Like Y’all“. Melodramatic track, mid-tempo rides, with the rapper flowing like Busta Rhymes on Nod Your Head, all their flows are natural and seamless, much prosperity to you all in the climb to success. Brooklyn strikes again with artist One Gun, his single is definitely radio bound if not get to the strip clubs with this song “All 4 U“, sneaking in a bonus track available only on vinyl right now, “Get money, Get Pussy, Get it Crunk“. With production that would make Busta pay top dollar for, One Gun holds his flow steady, his unique voice will keep the listeners enthralled, hit Burning Bush Records via e-mail for information Burninbush4life@aol.com let them know you are interested in getting the material.

Well once again I must tell you all about major labels not exposing their artist, such being Arista Records, their artist Midwikid. Surprisingly who’s a-side “Like We Sposed Ta“, wins hands down over “Debo“. Midwikid, vocally, is tough blend of Scarface and Chuck-D, nonetheless, his flow on “Like We Sposed Ta” is well complimented by the guest appearance of Jaheim and rapper Fonz. With Scarface in my thought.

Def Jam mocked up with pushing the b-side of Scarface’s new single, “Guess Who’s Back” featuring Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel. Although the song is good, it overshadows Scarface’s solo ability, fans will miss the opportunity to hear original Scarface music such as the a-side “My Block” if you really want to guess who’s back checkout www.defjam.com for more on your favorite.

Love is Gone“, comes out of Brooklyn, states Jaz-O and The Immobilarie Family, supported by labels Rancore and DnD Records. No surprise here the Originator (for those that really don’t know) shines light on the lack of loyalty in the game, flowing lyrics with Premier producing the track, respect game you follow. Timbaland & Missy presents Ms.Jade, I have listened to all the singles thus far, yet radio has not picked up this artist and given her needed spins. Interscope Records has a gem on hand, yet they are fumbling the catch “Big Head” if radio does not give her spins, definitely strip clubs will. Check out Ms.Jade www.msjade.com and tell me what you think. Koch Records takes a chance on the former Sony artist Nature, returning with a double sided banger, that meets with approval. “Look Who’s Talking” b/w “Take That” I cannot call it on this one. Both songs have what it takes to go to radio in the mix, production, flow and lyrics on point, but “Look Who’s talking” will go first, simply because it calls out some prominent MCs so listen out and request Nature. More on Koch artist looks like Onyx may have found a new home, releasing a single featuring Havoc of Mobb Deep, “Hold-Up“. The production sounds like classic Mobb Deep work from the music to the hook, get at your favorite radio jock to request a spin.

Well that’s it for this edition of the Underground Voices, once U.W.A.G. Rhythm delivers, hope you enjoy.