The Baby Blue Soundcrew has come a long way. Kid Kut and KLC, Baby Blue’s infamous party-rockers, were friends as kids in west Toronto. After high school, KLC went to university in Windsor, and Kid went to York. Both had radio shows on the campus station, and decided they should join forces to make their shows, the scene, and the fan base bigger. They made a mix tape, and handed it out as a business card. They got gigs at school dances. Like I said, they’ve come a long way.

And they’ve worked their asses off for it. As one employee of one of Toronto’s best record stores put it: “Love them or hate them, they deserve everything they have.”

A few months ago, Universal released Baby Blue’s first major-label LP Private Party Collectors Edition Mixed CD. They have a website and an internet radio show. But they are most known for throwing mad parties, coast to coast to coast.

Baby Blue- Kid Kut, KLC, Singlefoot and C-Boogie- call themselves “Canada’s urban ambassadors.” This is a hefty title to live up to, but their record speaks for itself. A case could be made for DJ Mastermind, or rappers like Choclair, Saukrates and the Rascalz, but they all do only hip-hop. Baby Blue’s CD, like their parties, are a mixture of hip-hop, dancehall, and R & B. Where Mastermind breaks Canadian rappers on his mix tapes, Baby Blue do likewise with singers like Jully Black and Glenn Lewis. Their latest protege, Sean Paul, is featured on the album’s first single Money Jane. But Baby Blue also include rappers, both Canadian and American, in their mixes.

Baby Blue don’t fear turning people away with the variety of their music. They have the freedom at Universal to do what they want, and what they wanted was to recreate a Baby Blue party on CD.

Kid Kut loves “capturing and educating the crowd.” Whether it’s mix tapes or parties, he gets a thrill out of breaking a record for the first time. How does he know when a new joint will get the crowd hype? “People crave innovation,” he says. He says good programming is the key to throwing a slammin party. This means knowing what the audience likes, and anticipating what they will like. It’s this mix of the classics and the unexpected that makes Baby Blue parties so popular.