On November 30, 2015, Brooklyn MC Necro found himself in the middle of a brawl during the Zurich, Switzerland stop along his recent European Tour. According to the Psycho+Logical-Records founder, opening act, IBS didn’t appreciate the mosh pit that have become synonymous with his show and leaped out of pocket. With Necro being Necro, blows had to be thrown.

“This was all in self defense,” Necro posted to Facebook that day before continuing with, “fighting to defend Drew Waine, Tone Space and along side Mr. Hyde against some hater snitches.”

By the end of the night, six people went to the hospital, four with concussions and broken teeth. The Brooklyn emcee ended up being charged with the Swiss equivalent of attempted murder and was held in solitary confinement for 100 hours before being deported from the country. Here’s how it all happened, all in Necro’s own words.

How The Brawl Began

“I’m one of the few rappers that does what he talks about, but it’s not done to be tough. I actually prefer peace. If I can do a show and everything is peaceful and the fans walk away happy and there’s not drama, I think that’s a great fucking show. It’s very similar to the Ice Cube song: Today was a good day. Sometimes me and Mr. Hyde predict how many people are gonna get cracked in the head on this tour. It’s usually at least there will be three different cities where someone is gonna get punched in the fucking face—on average if there are 10 to 15 dates. It’s not a good thing but I guess it comes with the territory. I got hooks that go “Punch you dead in the face / Snuff you / Jux you / Mush you / Rush you / Bust you / Any day / Any place / Any time / Step / No remorse / No regret / Rep it til the death…” I’m talking that shit, basically. Every once in awhile you got some fucking dude who thinks he wants to test. We pass every test with flying colors.

“From what I understood I didn’t know that it was an opening act, but it turns out there’s this no name opening act. IBS now stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I don’t know what they call themselves, but they’ve been nicknamed Irritable Bowel Syndrome because they’re a bunch of fucking pussies that went and ratted to police.

“I’m a little different from your Hip Hop shows because I come from a heavy metal background. I’ve cultivated a culture to have a mosh pit at every show. If I do a show somewhere and people are just staring at me, it doesn’t feel right. I hear that a lot of rappers have that. That’s all good. I’m talking more aggressive shit. It’s definitely more violent. It’s more evil. It’s not anything any different than anything that goes on in the hood. I’m talking punch you in the face shit. This goes on in the hood. Just so you know, the night before we had to beat up three dudes in the hotel.

“Here’s what happened. I’m on stage. I know how to read people. One thing I do is I look everyone in their eyes. Everyone in the fucking club. I don’t do it to intimidate anyone. I do it because the fans love it. They love the eye contact. The girls in the front row want you rapping to them. But I also do it for my own protection. Remember, John Lennon got killed outside of his house by a fan. I’m not a stupid idiot. I’m watching people. I’m rapping and scanning out the situation. I have a spider sense for drama. I know when someone has a problem with me. I can sense the energy. I noticed that these two dudes were looking at me at in a funny style way from the crowd. I pinpointed them. It turns out they were the dudes we ended up fucking up. They started with my homie, Drew Waine. He’s an official member of my crew. He’s from Manchester, England. He’s a real fucking good person. He jumps in the pit when the crowd sucks. I won’t lie, he’s very aggressive. He bumps people that may not want to get bumped. If someone in the mosh pits bumps you when you don’t want to get bumped, you push a mutherfucker back. That’s a known rule in that culture. You don’t start beef. If you start beef you’re an asshole and most likely you’re gonna get fucked up.

“I Noticed Drew Was Bleeding From His Head”

“Basically these dudes were getting out of line and they started beef with my boy in the pit. I’m the type, if you’re my homie and I’m at a show and I see three dudes stepping to you, I’m jumping off the stage. I’m not going to keep doing my song and watch my boy get fucked with. These dudes basically brought it to my homie. I jumped off stage and said, ‘What’s going on?’ I noticed the bouncers separating shit. So I’m like, ‘fuck it.’ I told Drew let’s head back stage. I noticed Drew was bleeding from his head. We go to the back and the bouncers are being on some bullshit like they don’t know that Drew is with me. One of them is getting out of line and basically had to let them know. We don’t take no shit from bouncers. If a bouncer’s not on our side, he can go fuck himself. I meet up with the head of security before every show. I think this night, Mr. Hyde never got a chance to talk to security. That’s usually a negative thing because now they don’t know who exactly is part of the crew. I had to bark on this one dude and tell him Drew was part of the crew, fall the fuck back.

“I go back on stage and continue rapping. This was during my encore. This is after the show already got bodied. The promoter’s eyes were glittery from loving it. Then I noticed this dude that was starting shit… You know when someone’s trying to act tough and breaking through people holding him back? I see this dude doing that with the bouncers while I’m on stage. How the fuck is this dude not kicked out? I guess the bouncers were either pussy or they were down with dude. I take that as a threat. You’re acting like you’re gonna do some gangster shit at my show. That ain’t happening. Fuck a show. Show stops. I jump off stage and see this dude acting gully. He got cracked. I probably cracked him five times. That’s probably when he broke his teeth. He ended up with broken teeth and a concussion. And he ratted!

“As I’m smashing this fucking clown, all the bouncers run over. Somebody hits me from behind. Keep in mind, I’m not the only one that was getting busy. The whole crew was getting busy this time. I’m the one that got charged. I guess all these dudes figured, ‘Let’s pin it all on Necro.’ I got charged with giving four men concussions and breaking teeth. I only really cracked three. I think the fourth concussion was probably based on Mr. Hyde who knocked out some dude backstage who was talking shit with a bottle. Hyde laid him out with one punch. He hits very hard. This dude caught a concussion off one punch. Hyde did kick him in the face, as well.

“These Dudes In Europe Be On Some Rat Shit”

“After we did what we did, we went backstage and we were trying to leave. The problem is that all of our merchandise was there. We couldn’t just hop in the club without our merch. We had to wait for the merch guy. I basically had to leave the backstage immediately and hang out by the merch table which kind of elevated the tension. It gets into a sticky situation. Drama’s drama and I never sleep on nobody. I never feel like things are all good. All you’re thinking is ‘Protect your crew.’ A lot of times when you go to these countries, these dudes think they can play you.’ They don’t know how we grew up in Brooklyn and Queens and Harlem. They somehow got it twisted, like they’re gonna hurt you because you’re in their city now. I’ve had to crack people everywhere. You can have 400 or 500 people at your show and everyone loves you. Then you have one or two drunk people who want to test you. Bottomline, if you rap the way you rap, you better fucking son them, or else you’re going to look like an idiot. There ain’t no other options.

“Anyway, all the dudes in the group and the bouncers went and pressed charges on me to the police. They had me arrested; had me locked up for 100 hours in solitary confinement inside the precinct. They let you out for one hour a day. Twenty-three hours you were locked up. I never heard of no shit like that. It was what they considered their holding cell. I’ve been held in central booking in Brooklyn and other places. You have air. You can fucking breathe. You can make a phone call. You can let someone know that you’re locked up and they can get you out. You can get out on bail after you spend a night. These dudes had me locked up for nearly five days! That’s kind of the way you treat a John Gotti. I don’t understand why I was being treated so foul. Here’s what added insult to injury: I’m in Switzerland. They don’t speak english! I had to do all my dealings with my lawyer through a translator. It was wild, B! It was like Twilight Zone. And me being a Jew… I’m not on no religious shit. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn. It just so happens that I am white. It just so happens that I’m Jewish. I’m not saying they were on some Nazi shit, but just the whole me being confined, they’re speaking “german.” I’m in a jail. They’re telling me I’m gonna get out but I don’t know!

It’s a real shady situation. I had to plead guilty to everything they claimed I did to them, which was four concussions and broken teeth on a bunch of them or else I’d still be there. Did I do a bunch of it? Sure. But the way they went about it was like they didn’t care what I did. They didn’t care about my side of the story. My translator told me that my lawyer said I needed to plead guilty because what I was being charged for was like attempted murder. These dudes in Europe be on some rat shit.