Filipino R&B artists Jason Dhakal and Jess Connelly join forces for multi-hyphenate Luis Villanueva’s latest outing, “WISH U WERE HERE.”

A few months ago, the producer-director-editor published previews of what seems to be the track’s music video on his Instagram highlights reel under wywh previews. While the stories include the text “September 2,” further news on its release has yet to be announced.

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The latest collaboration follows Jason Dhakal’s highly anticipated comeback single, “can’t get enough,” while this is Jess Connelly’s first collaboration of 2022, following her solo releases “Never” and “Better.” The pair have also teamed up in the past, including the “JCON remix” for Dhakal and dot.jaime’s “U” from 2018.

Listen to “WISH U WERE HERE” on Spotify below: