15-year-old Filipino rapper-singer Alex Bruce emphasizes that she’s not ready for commitment in “Ayoko Pa” (Not Yet) featuring frequent collaborator Cursebox. The accompanying music video features rising rapper Benedic Fragata and TikTok personalities Yvon and Achi.

“It’s a song that expresses my stand on not being ready for a commitment,” shares the artist in a press release. “I know my priorities, and I don’t reject people just because I don’t feel a connection or synergy. It’s just that I’m too young to enter into a relationship that would easily fizzle out.”

This is emphasized in the song, as she sings, “Masyadong maaga / Ayoko na munang masyadong madrama” (It’s too early / I don’t want a lot of drama yet.) While she seems to be portrayed as much older than she is in the video, Alex Bruce reiterates that, “Sometimes all it takes is knowing when to take a hint. When someone says no, learn how to respect the decision and back off.”

Watch the music video for “Ayoko Pa” here: