The boys of SB19 are cooking something up.

The chart-topping, globally renowned (and loved) Filipino group is setting fans ablaze with a series of social media posts with the hashtag #WhereIsSB19.

On a video clip shared on August 7, the official account for SB19 on Twitter wrote, “BREAKING NEWS! #WhereIsSB19” which reveals a radio announcement reporting that a “gadget from the future” was found in Manila and that five unidentified men were seen fleeing the scene, and were eventually found in an undisclosed location.

Today (August 9), a second clip was posted with the caption, “Mermaids, Tikbalangs or even Centaurs / Sing to me this city you ask for / A tail that one should not ignore / Pura is where the lion may swim or roar.” Tikbalang is a “bipedal horse creature of Philippine folklore,” described as a “bony humanoid creature with the head and hooves of a horse and disproportionately long limbs.”

(Update — 7:23 PST, August 9) A video posted this evening added further suspense, this time with just a short clip that shows a record sleeve, with the caption, “In search of spice, a battle is won / A child is washed ashore, kneeled upon / Stands a cross to honor thy kingdom come / And a statue of a maginoo, hero in one.” Maginoo is the Tagalog term for “gentleman.”

A’TIN—SB19’s fan base—quickly took to Twitter to share their theories on what the latest hints mean. An eagle-eyed fan spotted the famous Merlion statue in Singapore. It is also to be noted that today is the 57th National Day of Singapore, which commemorates Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in 1965.

Others, meanwhile, speculate on the meaning of the teasers, some of whom are saying that SB19 will be touring overseas.

For now, check out SB19’s smash hit, “Bazinga”:

(Update — 7:09 PM PST, August 10) Two more clips hint at now what seems like a series of locations. At 12 PM, Manila time, another clip went out with the caption, “An oasis, a mirage — an emir once foretold / Of islands atop his palm, lo and behold! / Though no sight of a river from his tower of gold, Grains of sand in the sea of seven-fold.”

At 7 PM local time, another video was released with the caption, “The eagle soars in the land of promise / Prayers offered in dances, in phrases / Heaven bears a fruit then split open / A nation emerges, aroma unforgotten.” The two tweets seem to point out to Dubai and Davao (Philippines), respectively.

(Update — 12:09 PM PST, August 11) A new tweet was posted at noon via SB19’s official account. The tweets seemed to be scheduled twice a day, at noon and 7 in the evening. The latest tweet reads, “No lies for the madame left to stand alone / Yawn with nighthawks in the jungle you don’t own / Now blow the stars to the center, pass the baton / Your turn to bite the pome but never say ‘long gone’” with hints seemingly pointing to New York City, as fans also speculate.

SB19 has yet to confirm what the series of announcements mean. Watch this space for updates.