Thailand’s Réjizz is unapologetically himself in “Odd One,” his brand-new single off his recent album, No Dreamer. The music video premieres exclusively on HipHopDX Asia’s YouTube channel today (May 27), in collaboration with Bangkok-based independent label ODD FELLAS RECORDS.

The bilingual track features samples from Thailand’s legendary author Rong Wongsawan’s interview, with the accompanying music video inspired by Thainess’ art direction and helmed by multidisciplinary creative team Samantan.

A self-described “pandemic artist,” the 23-year-old Thai rapper and producer teamed up with veteran rapper Ziggavoy to explore the feeling of being an outsider and the self-doubt that comes with it, as well as one’s eagerness and drive to become successful and the pressure that it entails.

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The video features kitschy scenes of Thailand’s vibrant nightlife, interspersed with cuts of the rapper duo performing in an underground club and going karaoke. Full of unique rhymes and complimentary flows, the track also samples an interview with legendary Thai author Rong Wongsawan. 

Watch the “Odd One” music video below via HipHopDX Asia: