A history-making cypher aims to put Nepal hip hop on the global map. On April 14, Nepali rapper Bikey Lama unveiled “WODA NO. 6,” bringing together 49 local rappers from six states to create the “biggest cypher in hip hop history.”

Five rappers will lead the three-part massive project. The first volume, which is now available, is led by Young Nima, while volume 2 will be led by Waiba Buddha and RLG, and the third and final volume will be wrapped up by DonG and Bikey Lama. The dates for the 2nd and 3rd volumes are yet to be released.

The project features some of the biggest names in Nepal’s underground hip hop scene, including Young Nima, PIG-E PROD, SHIGU, DonG, Rayson LG (RLG), and Waiba Buddha. The 7-minute first volume includes appearances from Young Nima (who also directed the accompanying video), Lit Myan, Bloody Christ, Sandeep James, $ingdan, and more.

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According to the emcees, they made the cypher to “show the power of unity… that we are all one. Where there is unity, there is victory.”

Fans expressed their support for the project, lauding the palpable brotherhood amongst the rappers and being able to deliver a hip hop track “without vulgar words.” One even remarked that the late Yama Buddha, whose mentorship and support of Nepali rappers had been instrumental to the scene, would be “proud” of this expression of unity. Another said that the cypher is a “perfect” representation of the Boudha gang, whose emcees participated in the first installment of “WODA NO. 6.”

DonG first teased the project back in March, with the final trailer revealed a week before the first volume’s official release.