Jin Dogg just released a new EP.

Titled You Don’t Know, the Japanese artist announced yesterday (October 7) that he’s dropping his follow-up to last year’s HELL GATE EP and the full-length record, 3rd High “Resuscitation” (mixed by DJ BULLSET) today.

The 8-track EP was produced by Homunculu$ and includes previously released single “22” with Lil Foggy and foggyatthebottom and “the Rubberband Man,” with additional features from frequent collaborators LYTO and Young Coco.

He also shared that the music video for “the Rubberband Man” will be out on October 15.


  1. Already
  2. 22 ft. Lil Foggy, Foggyatthebottom
  3. the Rubberband Man
  4. Virus ft. LYTO
  5. You Don’t Know
  6. Father ft. Young Coco
  8. FUFU ft. LYTO

Jin Dogg also has been busy working with other Japanese artists this year. He most recently assisted HIYADAM in “hip-house” track, “DIRTY”; Red Eye and OVER KILL in abrasive cut “Pocket”SANTAWORLDVIEW and DJ BULLSET in “FALL DOWN” off their newly released In The Neighborhood; and again with OVER KILL and Yokai Jaki in “ボケ死ね” (Die Out of Focus).

Stream You Don’t Know:

(Update: 10/18/2021) Watch the video for “the Rubberband Man” below: