One of the most powerful voices and figures in Malaysian hip hop, Aman Ra continues to use his platform to shed light on current social issues and his latest spoken word piece is dedicated to delivery drivers.

Titled “Delivery Boys,” the piece was accompanied by a video showing drivers/riders of different stripes and backgrounds who continue to work, rain or shine. Aman Ra stresses the vital role they play especially during the pandemic: their sacrifice and the toll it takes to make ends meet.

Many parts of Asia are still being ravaged by the COVID-19 virus and delivery riders continue to do essential work for meager earnings and lingering threat of unemployment despite great health and safety risks.

Last year, he shared the “Stay Negative” spoken word piece (in collaboration with Negative Clothing). “What’s winning? Living. What’s living? Giving everybody their goddamn space. If only we could know social distance, can we as society grow and go the distance? To stay positive is to stay negative.”