Criminally underrated R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan has been told the world that she’s not one for emotional games after coming out the gate revealing how she needs love bad “like a heartbeat” and anyone who dares to scorn her had better have Safelite Auto Glass on speed dial.

So when she Instagrammed-and-deleted a eulogic memory of Thomas “TC” Clay that basically outlined his alleged thirst towards her, no one can say it was all that surprising but rather unexpected.

The gospel singer, who hailed from Delaware, was confirmed dead over the weekend in a New York City hotel room. No cause of death has yet to be determined but upon hearing to his death, Sullivan, 29, decided to honor him in the worst way in a post that concluded with how TC “would still want her in heaven.” Good grief.

“I don’t know TC very well,” Sullivan began before continuing, “What I do know is I gave him my number accidentally thru a friend and he reached out consistently for a year. I think I replied maybe three times but that never stopped him from writing me. He was DETERMINED.”

“I had no idea who was ‘bothering me until then and how dope he was,” she claimed.

Regardless of the intention, the post came off as insensitive and Twitter has no chill for those who disrespect the dead. Consider Sullivan’s career as good as fractured until further notice.

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