Sometimes Hip Hop can move at a pace too frantic for even the most devoted fan to keep up with. Albums and mixtapes are released at breakneck speed, careers are made and broken with the swipe of a pen, and somewhere in between all the madness actual music (the quality of which vacillates between excellent and god awful) is being made. Twitter provides a nice summary of everything 140 characters at a time. And if you’re the type that would rather not be bothered with stepping into the Twitterverse to catch up on the latest in Hip Hop, we’ve filtered through the top rapper’s tweets and consolidated all the week’s events into one convenient feed.

This week, Chief Keef gets his math wrong and Jay Z tweets about the success of his “Made In America” festival.

Chief Keef & Young Chop Go 115%

Typically when you add percentages together, you total at 100%. Except if your name is Keith Cozart aka Chief Keef. In his tweet about how he and Young Chop were churning out tracks in the studio like high-powered machines, Keef added that the songs were all 75% written and 40% freestyle. While 30 songs in three days adds up to a possible total of three albums, it looks like Chief Keef was lost in the math for a second unless he was going over 0 to 115 real quick.

Slaughterhouse Members Asking For Joell Ortiz Album Copies

Joell Ortiz’s new album, House Slippers, will be released on September 16. In one of the album tracks titled “Brothers Keeper,” Joell features his Slaughterhouse teammates Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I and Joe Budden. Since his group members were featured on the album, it would only make sense that they would receive copies of the album before the public, right? While Crooked I looked forward to blasting the project in his car, Royce Da 5’9 was wondering why he hadn’t received his copy yet.

Fabolous Rants About “This” Generation

Everyone has something to say about everything, especially when it comes to Twitter activism and celebrity commentary. Fabolous went on a rant about followers and “this” generation after the “R.I.P. Joan Rivers” tweets and ALS Ice Bucket challenges. “For instance all these RIP Joan Rivers shoutouts.. Do u hav remorse or care for her death or just doin it cuz it’s cool to do?” he tweeted and added, “Ice bucket challenge became a viral thing to do to look cool.. Bet they cool asses ain’t donate a penny.”

Jay Z’s “Made In America” Festival Was A Success

According to Jay Z, his “Made In America” fesitval, which took place in two cities this year, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, was a success. “No major incidents just GREAT music,” he tweeted. He also filled us in on the stats for each city. About 70,000 music lovers made their way out to Los Angeles’ first “Made In America” festival and 90,000 fans made their way out to Philadelphia’s third annual “Made In America” festival.

Lil Wayne & His Sons

Like any parent, Lil Wayne loves showing off his pride and joy – his children. And with him on the “Drake Vs Lil Wayne” tour, it must be hard to be away from his little boys. Just a quick run down on his four children: Reginae Carter, Cameron Carter, Dwayne Carter III and Neal Carter. Weezy took the opportunity to share a picture of him and his two boys and gave a nod to Wiz Khalifa with the caption, “We dem boyz!!!”

Meek Mill Freestyles From Jail For DJ Khaled

Meek Mill is currently incarcerated, but that isn’t stopping him from releasing new and unreleased tracks for his fans to listen to. Earlier this week, unreleased Meek Mill songs made their way to the blogosphere. So when DJ Khaled shared that Meek Mill spit 100 bars on the phone, it wasn’t much of a surprise. There most likely will be a delay for the September release of Dreams Worth More Than Money, but it’s clear that nothing is holding Meek back.

Juicy J Gives Financial Advice

Juicy J has never been one to be “bored” since his career consists of a triple threat as a rapper, songwriter and record producer. When tells you to “stop being so damn lazy” and to “get your own $$$,” you listen and follow his financial advice. The emcee is a founding member of Three 6 Mafia and an active member and part-owner for Wiz Khalifa’s label Taylor Gang Records. The money isn’t slowing down for Juicy J anytime soon.

N.O.R.E. Tweets From Paris On His Birthday

Waking up in Paris for a birthday never sounds like a bad idea. N.O.R.E. flexed and told his followers that he’s waking up in the French capital, but before they could get jealous, he added that he’s about to get charged for smoking inside his room. The penalty was going to cost him 250 euros, which equals to 323.79 American dollars. Over 300 dollars to keep the celebration going, bright and early in the morning.

Joe Budden Approves Kid Ink & Chris Brown Collaborations

Nothing says “I like your song” like it “make me wanna fuck in the club.” In a different type of way, Joe Budden basically told Kid Ink and Chris Brown that he likes their collaborations, Kid Ink’s “Main Chick” and “Show Me,” both of which Chris Brown is featured on the hook. Joe Budden is known for being completely honest on Twitter, so believe him when he says your song(s) makes him feel a certain type of way.

Seth Rogen Wants A Wu-Tang Clan Tattoo

Seth Rogen’s ties with Hip Hop keep becoming more and more apparent. He’s been open about appreciation for Odd Future, was a guest on Snoop Dogg’s GGN series, and he’s spoofed Kanye West when he remade “Bound 2” with James Franco. Recently, he tweeted that he’s been debating on whether to get a tattoo to honor one of rap’s favorite groups, the Wu-Tang Clan. I say go for it, Seth, but just remember to tweet a picture of it.

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