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E-40 Considers Releasing His "Book Of Slang" As A Software App

Exclusive: E-40 explains why his "Book Of Slang" with "Murder Dog" magazine was never released and hints at a hiatus after dropping his "Block Brochure" albums.


Big Sean - Hall Of Fame

Big Sean's sophomore set is a celebratory tribute to achievements gained through a dedicated work ethic, but its predictability may leave some disinterested.


Between You, Me & Yeezus: Meeting Kanye West & Tyler, the Creator

Exclusive: Andrea Aguilar thought she was attending a run of the mill Cassie Veggies show, and then Kanye West showed up.


Just The Two Of Us: Chronicling, Defending & Meeting Eminem

As an eighth grader, Andrea Aguilar began following Eminem's career. She details how that led to national news coverage, a dedicated fan site and eventually meeting Eminem in person.

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