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A Quick Guide To Filipino Rap History And Identity

Pinoy rap’s role in politics, identity, and empowerment


How The Filipino Language Evolved And Impacted Pinoy Hip Hop

Regional, Tagalog, and conyo—how Pinoy rap tackles social class and culture


From Seo Taiji and Boys To BTS: How The K-pop Wave Breaks Genre And Worldwide Barriers

How the genre-bending phenomenon translated into international success


Best Asian Hip Hop And R&B Of 2022 (So Far) – August

Must-listen songs from JAEYOUNG, Ghetto Gecko, JMara, 1MILL & More


Music You Missed – Jay Park, THAITANIUM, Alamat, Omar Baliw & More

Also featuring new music from thuy, LEX, and E.SO


New Music You Missed – Morobeats, 1MILL, Wowy, VannDa, Jo Gwang-il & More

Also featuring new music from Jin Dogg, Maddy Soma, YB Neet, CK YG, and VTEN


Best Asian Hip Hop And R&B Of 2022 (So Far) – July

Must-listen songs from Jess Connelly, Woosung, CLR & More


Music You Missed – Yuna, JRLDM, Coogie, Jess Connelly & More

The most recent hip hop and R&B standouts from Asian artists to add to your playlist


Toro Y Moi’s ‘Mahal’ Review: The Filipino-American Producer Taps Into Prog-Rock And The 1970s Manila Sound

The producer explores his Filipino roots and his relationship with the media


10 Hip Hop & R&B Songs Of Empowerment And Acceptance By LGBTQ+ Asian Artists

Celebrate Pride Month with music from Holland, alextbh, Raveena, Jason Dhakal & More

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