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Even Birdman's god awful rapping on the chorus couldn't ruin what might be Mystikal's best verse since he was rocking braids and a No Limit chain.



  • tyler

    can everybody check out my youtube I rap im 15 and good support and subscribe and Lil Wayne the best he got swag nobody got he doin him spendin his hard own money Swag but check my youtube out http://www.youtube.com/multihawkman I might be with YMCMB

  • tyler

    Stop hating on Wayne he the best he havin fun only reason yall sayin he wack is cause how he dress he got a swag nobody got everybody wear the same thing and shidd he the best

  • Anonymous

    scared of something? nope not when ur 5 nothing wearing pink pants and pretend to skateboard. seriously the fact that cash money has a fan base is un real. you can call me a hater but im gonna say naw i just don't like cash money. mystikal hes doing good but dude sold out. if you woulda told him 6 years ago hes be out rappin with pink pant kissin other men type dudes he woulda said ur out ur damn mind and slapped you.

  • Controverse

    Not a big ymcmb fan, but Mystikal ripped this.

  • yerrrr

    Mystical can rap, unique dude, and hit spit some ish, but this aint the type of beat for him. Wayne is 100% ghey now, he used to be almost ghey, now he is and birdman been a fruitcake

  • jg

    birdman trippin on his lyricism. but mystikal over-compensated with his part

  • Anonymous

    mystical actually sayin some real shit, how you gonna watch my house but don't wanna live on my block, lil wayne ruined it. mystical was goin in, but birdman and wayne don't even try

  • Anonymous

    Mystikal we need that Funk! Go get Mannie.

  • JPipe

    Wayne verse was hot garbage.. Baby hook was hot garbage.. They fucked this song up smh.. Ima still give it a 5 b/c Mystikal went in. I won't fault him for the other 2

  • Migs

    Glad to see him back, was a big fan back in the day.

  • FlashFixter

    Pink sweatpants. Skinny pink sweatpants. Say no more...

  • Dugey D

    Mystikal did his thang as usual on this song...Birdman and Wayne brought it down though..4 I guess

  • Anonymous

    how many takes did it take to get that shot with weezy on the board about to fall off at 2 mph. that's a metaphor for his career, fallin off... hint to skateboard- learn to tie your own shoes idiot

  • Anonymous

    prostitutes in the video great for the kids hey kids sell your soul be a retard and you too can buy som e dumb ho's to be in your stupid video no matter how dumb you look

  • jake

    how can anyone take this shit serious. lil wayne fell of after drought 3....end of discussion.

  • Anonymous

    when is mystical gonna tat his face

  • Anonymous

    why would u join a crew with a pink pants green sock wearin homo like that

  • Anonymous

    i clicked on this to laugh just the still b4 you hit play let's u know how serious to take this

  • williambrown

    i didn't mind that one...mystikal fucking had some things to say...fucking our women and eating our barbecue...would've liked to see wayne throw down a trick or two with that board in his hand...and i really need him to stop rhyming like drake...but...

    • stevefrench

      you wanted to see him do a trick on the skateboard? he rode it 8 feet down a hallway, thats about as good as its gonna get.... this dude will never be able to ollie, much less bust a trick worth filming....

  • Skeletor

    Its alright. Mystikal still got it. Coulda done without Baby but at least he was just on the hook. Wayne? Whatever. He rarely makes sense with his rhymes anymore. I dunno if Cash Money is gonna do Mystikal any favors. If he's relegated to having Drake, Wayne, Nicki, or any other YMCMB fool on his tracks then i will pass.

  • wtf

    good track...but wtf is lil gayne posing wit a fuckin skateboard? as he would roll...lol and pink jeans...cmon!!! fukcing posers! i just hope the gayness doesnt spill over to mystikal... hes still the man so far!

  • BORN IN 86

    This time He and Birdman will force Lil wayne to suck em off !