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This long-awaited collaboration between Shallah Raekwon and Esco was definitely worth the wait.



  • Salvador Montoya Jr.

    This is what its all about...bring that rawness & lyrical technique back. Young kids...pay attention!!

  • Edi Kajmolli

    went fuckin OFFFFFFFF!!!! rae looks smashed as fuck but raww as ever. Keep that shit coming man straight lovely

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    That was the shit right there.. They both went off on this one..

  • Truth

    Nas wordplay is ridiculous, even when he's toying around on the mic!

  • da1

    "your best success is my worst blunder" Nas is the truth

  • King Oduduwa

    That King Tut piece Nas got on his chain is FFFIIIYYYAAAAHHHHH !! To the East you sisssiesssss.....

  • Obi Patrick

    Two rap pioneers returning back to the essence with a devastating match between exceptionally advanced lyrical ability and a menacing beat. Rich and Black is a testament to White America that real hip hop is here to stay and no amount of money and wealth will make niggas forget that

  • mr718

    Killa Collabo from real HIP HOP artists... keep them consistently coming cause most of the popular artists out now cant make real hip hop records so they would be assed out if the games heading back in this direction which would be great...

  • Anonymous

    im Speechless nigga

  • hip hop head


  • Anonymous

    why post something thats over 2 months old and make like it just came out today?

    • idk

      bigger ? y spit over a beat thats over 3 years old and recycle a verse thats over 3 years old and then put it out as new??

  • Jose Vasquez

    It seems like every summer, the best music comes out (Distant Relatives last year)

  • Azhar

    Killa Shit from Rae & Nas...

  • Anonymous

    RAW! Rae bodies it every time! Nasir is ill as well

  • BrownSuga

    This summer is shaping up nicely. New msic from Nas and Common. Yes this was on the WU shit but love the video. Now if we could only get these bamas off the radio I will be happy this summer. I know, I know, but I can hope.

  • What!?

    Rae with the grey beard? At least dye that shit for the video.. smh

    • Dale P. Oats

      For what? smdh

    • Anonymous

      so you want him to front? i like dressing up and shit too, but these guys aren't trying to makes us think they're gonna be young forever. that's what disney's about, you child.

  • kris

    what more could you ask for!

  • donkeyrattle

    Hope everyone knows this song is on the Shaolin vs Wu-tang album by Raekwon. The whole CD is fire...check it out

  • hustle

    woah.... i just clicked on a time machine to 1995

  • DJ Tony Starks


  • South Africa

    a high budget will do this dope song a great deal of justice but the line, "your best success is my worst blunder" - hmmmn, sounds familiar remember, "my intelligence begins where yours peaks at" - just deliverd in a coloured package lol?

    • donkeyrattle

      The reason that sounds familiar is because he says that same line in one of the songs on the Untitled album

    • Anonymous

      The intelligence line is 10 x better. Nas is one of the best poets, but his punchlines or one-liners are aweful.

  • jblack

    and someone tell dude i know plenty of muslims who smoke, drink, watch porn, etc etc and they're not rappers. i for one don't smoke or drink but i'm sure there's a vice somewhere in my life that's contradictory to something.you gotta be careful when you knock someone else. he might smoke and drink but he might be a great guy otherwise. there's no clean hands in this world. no clean governments. no way of life or religion better than the next. keep God in your heart and live the life you've been blessed with.

  • jblack

    my whole clan is on the run like natural born killers, record-breaking the album thriller.....i don't know if you could say nas outclassed anybody on cuban linx (too many dope verses) but they did come through on this joint and on the video tip as well.

  • truth

    Nas and Reakwon has been on numerous tracks togethr from the W album, mobb Deep, Cubin Linx mix tapes to sound tracks. The problem is Reakwon has just reinvented his self in that last couple of year so now the new comers 'hints the editors' think this is Nas and Rae's first joint on the wax. NOT!

  • Nasty Nops

    My niggas looking black crows at packed shows The don voice pristine like I'm still seventeen. Still remember the night of this show in Norway. The Chef and Street disciple are one dope combo!

  • truth

    Even better then that is that Nas completely, completely I mean completely out classed an ripped it on raekwon's first album! Ghostface did put up a good fight on it though but Nas slaughtered it with his nonchalant flow.

  • william truth

    um nas and raekwon already did a track on mobb deep's album survival of the fit, the song was called eye for an eye. come on hihopdx do ya research . @jason williams raekwon is muslim we went to mosque together in charlotte, im not a 5 percenter i am a white muslim. @pabloescobar you can never judge another man... the bible also says christian arnt supposed to eat pork but nearly all of them do..... do ya research

  • Prince of da City!

    Nas is that dude!

  • NaSty

    Richard Pryor pinky ring

  • pabloescobar

    Someone should tell Rae (and lot of muslims in the U.S) that they are an embarrassment for being muslim but drinkin alcohol and smokin weed

    • pabloescobar

      that was a nice conversation. Never thought a conv like that would be possible in a site like this without ppl insulting each other. We have different opinions, but hey can explain to each other politely ;) thanks guys

    • YOYOYO

      muslim is a religion, 5% or the nation of gods and earths is not a religion but a way of life that is based on islamic practices

    • Jason Williams

      @Anon, I never act a fool on here like some of these dudes. I rarely even leave comments due to the ignorance that goes on within this website. Can't front though, some of these jokers are entertaining as hell. So I enjoy most of the buffoonery LMAO.

    • Jason Williams

      No disrespect, but 5% often go to mosque and study alongside Muslims so that doesn't mean he is Muslim. I think the definition of the 5% describe them as an Islamic culture which places them under the same umbrella so to speak. Often the 120 Lesson is a starting place for some to continue their studies and at Rae's age I'm sure he has grown to study more then just Math and Lessons. Either way often the people that you are raised around determine a person's view of what's acceptable and as a 5 percenter from Northern East Coast myself, I've always separated a person who drinks and smokes from others who do so called bad things. I assume Rae was brought up in a similar environment where it was accepted so regardless of what our cultural text say is right or wrong if your upbringing deems something acceptable then we often will assume the same acceptance.

    • wiliiam truth

      @pabloescobar true true but raekwon is a good guy he is a genuin person. we must all remember not to fight ignorance with hate and dont fight hate with ignorance, these tactics lead to an unsound mind and a sound mind is the key to overcoming adversity.

    • pabloescobar

      william truth, I know that. But you know that muslim people use to be more strict with the rules of their religion than christian people. Christian people stopped following lot of the rules of the bible loong time ago. I'm just bringing this conversation here cuz I know most muslims outside the US would reject their attitude with drugs, but as I said I know in US it's a different story

    • william truth

      um nas and raekwon already did a track on mobb deep's album survival of the fit, the song was called eye for an eye. come on hihopdx do ya research . @jason williams raekwon is muslim we went to mosque together in charlotte, im not a 5 percenter i am a white muslim. @pabloescobar you can never judge another man... the bible also says christian arnt supposed to eat pork but nearly all of them do..... do ya research.

    • Anonymous

      First of all, I thought my comment was gonna be answered by some insults and things like that, so it's nice to see that you just expressed your thoughts. ;) Well when he came to my country he didnt stop talking about being muslim, so we should ask him if he really is or not, lol. And of course he can do whatever he wants man, but he should be honest with himself and if he "carries" the flag of a religion he also should be honest and consequent with that. By the way, do you know what haram is? According to the Coran anything that alters the mind (which includes drugs and alcohol) is haram. The problem is that most of those people didn't read more than 10 pages of the Coran probably... I know well that in the U.S it's ok to smoke weed and drink alcohol being muslim. But trust me in the rest of the world (no matter if it's in europe, africa or asia), muslim people will look at you like if you are being really contradictory (the most radicals could even insult you, but that's a different story). I'm not muslim, catholic, buddist or whatever... but it kinda bothers me to see so many artists claiming that they are muslim but taking drugs like there is no tomorrow. Last, but not least: I'm not dissing Rae as an mc, he was one of my favourites mcs... but once you get old it aint easy to stick being a fan of a person with basic contradictories principles like the one I mentioned. Peace

    • Jason Williams

      Rae is not Muslim he is 5%, and even though they don't condone stuff like drinking and smoking technically alot of them do. Rae is his own man and can do whatever he wants, as long as he isn't a hypocrite and putting down the next man for doing the same.

  • Hurricane Ken

    I love the fact that Raekwon is still promoting this highly slept on album. This is better than OB4CL2 in my opinion. This one of the many bangers on this album. GO COP IT. 5 stars!

  • chras

    mutha fuckin tasty! so good!

  • Anonymous

    this is too greezy.

  • Anonymous

    That's one of the problems with rap. Rappers aren't in the studio together no more. They're still able to produce cool tracks, but these timeless classics are very rare nowadays.

  • j Maddox

    DAMN!! If only everybody in the rap game had the same respect for their craft.

  • Anonymous

    This song is dope, I don't care about all yall bitches complainin like pussies.

  • Jersey Finest Kings

    I dont care that i heard nas verse 2 years ago this track still fire, Nas the greatest writer of the 20th & 21st century.... spin off cock suckas... www.jerseysfinestkings.com

  • jon


  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    The original Sha Stimuli version shits all over this

    • angel u suck

      actually the original didnt have sha it was just nas, sha jumped on it jus like rae did but without nas permission so sha cant really say shit

    • C'mon Son!

      No it doesn't in anyway but if i was sha Id be heated!

  • Smine Nasdaq


  • yessir

    they need to get in the studio together and do a real collab not a remix from a 3 year old nas freestyle

  • music 4 Life!

    Dope Raekwon and Nas...Rich & Black!

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason


  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason


  • Anonymous

    Tha best rapper ever........NAS

  • mando

    there better be some raekwon in nas new album!swear everything they make together is so timeless.....

    • do some homework

      the original was just nas, then sha stimuli did a remix, now rae, but nas recorded his verse to this beat in 2008 its mad old, the produced spliced raes verses in between to make it sound like they went back and forth when they werent even in same room at same time

    • r

      ^^^ WHO made it then ya donut! i hear them both on the song................

    • Yo

      but they didnt even make this song together