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After a long delay and some added controversy, the "Monster" video lives up to the hype. The Illuminati talk should hit the comment section in 3, 2, 1...



  • Abrein Rude Boy Washington

    :) great

  • Abrein Rude Boy Washington

    man dis was a good video man i loved da part were kayne was holding da girls head in his had an da part were rick was sitting around da hanging girls

  • weonfire

    RaTards. each and every one of u. Kanye kills it. Hov does his thing. And Nicki has a blazing verse. Ross was the only ehh. video was amazing. you people make me sick. 5... sluts

  • Vincent Neal Miller

    I'll give it a two simply because Nicki is dressed like a Dominatrix and gives herself a lap dance. Other than that, Jigga's part is the only bearable one on the track.

  • theTruth

    i'll give it a 4, but he should know that this shit is not going on BET or mtv. too out there for them.

  • Azhar

    Cosign Ross' part being pointless.. But Hov and Nikki Killed dat shit! rarely do videos live up to songs, but this does, song is major and so is the video.

  • BraveHeart

    Class track...Class video...Simples

  • Antionette Inge

    This is Art

  • Scott 'Robert Goude' McCabe


  • Jose Vasquez

    Video wasn't bad, didn't seem over the top to me. What's the point of Rick Ross's part, he's verse is short as fuck lol. O yea, is Nikki's ass fake because I've never seen it shake?

  • Hannya

    Video of the year.


    Nicki minaj's booty is the only good thing here

  • funbyshit

    anyone else laugh when they saw rick sittin on the chair with the dead girls hanging around him. idk this shit is random. i kept laughing

  • khordkutta

    "Thriller" With Less/No Dancing and More Graphic Violence. Works for Me. Nikki Shoulda Been Poppin Dat Ass More Though. On The Rea, It Is a good Vid, Yall r funny Basement is just effin around, he is being a parody.

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    You all must be blind foolish SHEEP! I mean, it is quite obvious this video is evil and further proves Kanye West's association with the dark world and the evil teachings of the ruthless intergalactic dictator spacecowboy monk known as Phil T. Wayes and the higher demon, Disshytizdoughp. This was first addressed in his verse on E.T.. The signs are too clear and OBVIOUS. First notice his two dead white bitches in the bed with him. One of them kinda looks like this chick I knew in high school. High School Musical was a movie about kids dancing and singing. Kids rhymes with bids. You bid on ebay. Ebay rhymes with doomsday! These facts prove Kanye West is using this video to brainwash you mindless sheeple into his evil faith so he may feed your soul to the evil demon, Nykeesfukinfyne. Open your eyes, you blind pawns! These are pure facts backed by accurate research! WAKE UP!

    • Anonymous

      That's the most WACK mockery of 'conspiracy theorists' ever, but I'll give you points for creativity & imagination HaHa. You trynna make people who see and know the truth about all this devil-worshipping illuminati/freemasons/secret society as crazy, but you just made yourself look like an idiot instead. Laughed my ass off at how you tried connecting the very irrelevent and pointless 'dots' together ---- bravo for nothing. The real conspiracy is that most people are blinded by what TV/media/government/newspaper tells them is the truth... they question NOTHING and assume everything told to them is true. I understand it's VERY difficult to come to terms with Reality, meaning how things are and not as they appear to be, but it's better to know and be truly FREE than be in denial and a slave to the 'system' that imprisons your mind. Sounds too deep for you? It's okay, that's because the 'rabbit hole' is very steep and deep and only the BRAVE ones who seek true AWAKENING from all this bullshit, will be strong enough to know about it, speak about it and not fear any rude/mean lashbacks from the ignorance of the masses. In other words, your comment was funny but with ZERO facts. Get your head screwed on straight cuz you're making yourself, not the Truthseekers, look bad. We laugh it off. LOL. As for y'all who really wanna know what's up, here's a link I suggest: http://www.themoecashchronicles.com/2011/05/industry-exposed-are-you-awake-yet.html

    • Dustin6595

      @Anonymous, your a fucking idiot, hes obviously fucking joking, i seriously can't believe your that fucking stupid. he said that one of the chicks looks like a girl from High School he knew and that means High School Musical. Hes being sarcastic, hes making fun of the people that say this shit and try to make Illuminati connections. for being that stupid, your going to do nothing to benefit society, you should just die rite now your fucking idiot. PS: No Offense

    • Anonymous

      its a horror song, so i dont think prancing about with smiles on their faces with colourful backgrounds would fit with the song. listen, you're obsessed. a great man once said that when your obsessed with something u replace reality with the thing you're obsessed about, so you start seeing it everywhere. u put two completely different things together to fit with the thing you're obsessed with. in other words, GROW UP

    • tre

      And the red nails on the girls ths rubbing his face behind the gate is symbolic of the devil and dark even Kayne represents...lmao Ya'll crazy as hell wit this illumi stuff jus let it go..

  • Anonymous

    This is just too fucking weird.

  • Anonymous

    My dark Fantasy would of been a true 5 mic classic if it had less Kanye.... If he just stepped back and Produced and directed more and tell more capable MC's to do the verses, kinda like Dre wit the Chronic. He's more lyrical then Dr. Dre but Kanye is more Tribe Called Quest then N.W.A.

    • Anonymous

      >Kanye is more Tribe Called Quest then N.W.A. He really is, but IMO, that because he's a better lyricist

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe you got to have a serious warning to explain that its art and nothing more or 500 groups come out of the woodwork and hoot an holler, gripe, bitch and moan, picket and petition and carry on as they do. Hate Kanye as a rapper but this song is classic.

  • Robert Louis Matthews IV

    This song is not new but the video is cool

  • Captain Obvious

    Good song, stupid video.

  • trp

    i dont get it... this video has been out for months already, why are you posting it here now?

  • murda mitten

    Freaky shit. I'll give the video a 4 just because of the exact 5 minute mark.