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A leaked version of Kanye's all-star cut hits the Web. What happens when the Rosewood movement meets "Dawn of the Dead?"


  • Vincent Salamatino

    Looks like I'm late to the party UMG blocked the vid and I can't see it but the pics looks crazy like an Eminem video. I dunno why Kanye is making a video for this song when it is already a well known song he should make a video for a song like Gorgeous or All The Lights

  • Wiley

    Spiritism all over this one...very demonic Im sorry ye you was bugging over this video theme

  • Salvador Segovia

    fuck this, fuck these haters Nicki Minaj made the video made the song made it happen

  • nessm587

    its too bad such talented is wasted to promote wickedness... what are these artists trying to say? listen to the last line of the song

  • Angelo Jaramillo

    I didn't think they would make a video for this. The track wasn't that great. People just star struck by the stars in it. The beat was great and I like the little bridge. Lyrically it wasn't great. I swear all the people that listen to hiphop now a days just are like well it rhymed. But did it make sense? Was it good? Think more when you listen to music.

    • 9Stories

      Angelo's an underground head. Im sorry but our standards for lyricism are a little higher than yours.

    • loupe

      @angelo, first of all your opinion doesn't matter like anonymous said. second of all, you seem mexican so you could go listen to reggeaton if you think hip hop icons like Kanye & Jay-Z suck, third of all Nicki Minaj had one of the best verses i've ever heard, and the video will be sick as hell. and pleeeease stop with that 'mainstream' issue again. people love mainstream, how are can you argue against that?

    • Angelo Jaramillo

      Ignorant ass people. The only one with an ok verse was jay and I'm not even a Jay fan. Ye's lyrics and Nicki's are always lacking. Just the majority of people who follow mainstream artists don't really immerse themselves into hiphop and see what it's all about. Hate on my comments but you're the one looking ignorant.

    • Anonymous

      @Angelo, your opinion doesn't matter

    • Anonymous

      Uh yeah. Your opinion lil buddy. You saying it wasnt great lyrically made me laugh my ass off. What are you listening to?

  • Sweb

    ho oui oui this video is SICK !