HipHopDx Videos

Grand Daddy Trigg Got Them Hollow Tips In His "TackleBerry"

Don't fuck with the wrong one.

Watch Zeal Static "Fight My Battles"

He works hard to make ends meet.

How To Beat Drake In A Rap Beef

Let's break it down...

Hopsin Shoots Down Instagram Hoes In "False Advertisement"

Hoe, shut the fuck up.

King Myers Says Welcome To "AmeriKKKa"

Showing the world the heart-wrenching truth.

Empire Drops Season 3 Trailer "Kill Or Be Killed"

Returning this September on FOX.

Walk Into "Therapy Session" With NF

Life is a race.

RetroI$Awesome Plays Ball In "Swi$H"

Swi$Hing his 3's.

MCskill ThaPreacha Drops "Beats And Rhymes" (Episode 1)

Topping charts and receiving massive airplay both home and abroad.

G Perico Says "Shit Don't Stop"

Get money over everything.

DXclusive: LaScrilla Says You Don't Know Shit "About Me"

Showing no signs of slowing down.

DXclusive: Feeki Doesn't "Wanna Work"

He doesn't want a job, he just wants to work.

Tech N9ne & Big Scoob "Push Start" With No Key

Fast forward, no repeat.

Exclusive BTS Making Of Young Thug's "No, My Name Is Jeffery"

Cooking up the track “Floyd Mayweather” featuring Gucci Mane and Gunna.

Martin Lawrence's "Doin’ Time: Uncut" Trailer Will Make You Set Your DVR

No surprise here. It looks funny as fuck.

DXclusive: Get To Know YL In "Cinnamon"

The dream-like soundscape provides the perfect backdrop for YL's dense lyrics.

DXclusive: Tree Thomas Says We're Still On A "Slave Ship"

Shining a light on one of the most gruesome parts of U.S.

DXclusive: Joseph Rose Says "Become What You Are"

Fuck where you came from, and your skin color.

DXclusive: Show Banga Ghost Rides Through SF In "Steez 101"

An energetic jam perfect for late-summer.

Red Pill Drops "Instinctive Drowning" Inspired By Requiem For A Dream

For anyone and everyone struggling to keep it together.

Metta World Peace Drops His #SoFarGone Challenge

Titled "Troubled Future."