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During the Philly stop on the Drake vs. Wayne Tour, they pay tribute to MMG's Meek Mil. l#FreeMeekMill


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  • OVO

    OMG, sure do wish they were both shirtless like they were for the ice bucket challenge, that was so hot. Totes love Drakes chest hair, he's a bear, Grrrrrrrr!

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  • prof

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    Why?? Really why?? Why even acknowledge someone who basically fucked up and got put on ice for it?? I must say as a people, we really do glorify the wrong shit and give praise the to dumbest people... Free Meek Mill?? Hell naw!! Keep his no rappin ass right where he is til he develops some common sense and stops doing, and saying, dumb shit..

  • CarsS

    Shut yo monkey ass up! Meek changed his lifestyle and done more for his community than you! Also he's doing six months! Most of y'all wouldn't last a day in there! Jail Is not a place you wanna be in or want anyone else to be in. #freemeekmill #freemaxb

    • munkyassbunkyass

      ur munky lookin ass been spendin paper on yo grill and buyin free meek mill shirts so you look like u a juvenile rookie who wants to share a cell with a rapper so he will touch u places.. yung mula crazy

    • Anonymous

      hes doing 3-4 months and he did not change, he failed a drug test, posed with weapons and had a twitter meltdown where he dissed the judge, DA, and PO.

  • Anonymous

    free weak mill? smh.

    • munkyassbunkyass

      lolz.. weak mill.. its funny because its like meek mill. except instead of meek its weak. like meek mill is weak.. haha some random guy online called meek mill weak.. haha I bet meek mill is so mad at this random guy.. Im sure the random guy online isn't weak. I mean he dissed meek mill pretty bad. he cant be weak... ***random guy online is weak***

  • Anonymous

    free nigga meek mill

    • munkyassbunkyass

      that nigga meek doe..

    • Weezy F Dixx

      Bicthes gonna hate,haters gon dig em own muhfucking ditch.... But em nikkas and Boss Ass Bitch gonn say #free Meek Mill. mutherfucking judges Free meek Mill,thats My nigga. Rolling papers YOUNG MOOLA BARBIE

  • Anonymous

    why are they doing a tribute for meek mill? This dude was dealing drugs (if your as rich as he is why would you even need to) and violated his probation what 3 times?? and he's only doing like a month for it on top of that. There should be no #freemeekmill or tributes, if your dumb as he is, you deserve to be in jail

  • Nicole

    Fuck mike brown violent ass mutherfucker got what was coming

  • Anonymous

    No Mike Brown tribute? Meek is doin 3 months in PC get real.

  • brownsugar60

    Great music group,but video kind of raggedy

    • munkyassbunkyass

      I liked the music group. They played well. The band is good. The music is loud. People jumped in the video. The mula is young. The fans are fun.

  • Anonymous

    Wtf was wrong with the audio?