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Hip Hop veteran Lil Rob comes to #DXHQ and brings a classic Hollywood Freestyle.

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  • CooL RauL

    Ese Lil Rob still relevant enough to be on HHDX. Freestyle was alright. I dont understand why people hate so much. Like Jayz said "if you dont like my lyrics you can press fast forward". Better yet dont click play from the jump. All the hating is retarded. Get a life, get a job, and contribute to society you lames.


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  • Anonymous

    Need to get mr criminal on dis #LyricalBeast

  • Ivo

    Shit was dope, fuck what you geeks sayin'

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop veteran Lil Rob? Never heard of this nigga and hes wack

  • bertobruh

    Wasnt as bad as the comments made it seem....still wasn't too good tho...

  • San Diego Negro

    He's an OG, so I'll give him some props just based on that, but his freestyle was garbage. No disrespect.

    • San Diego Negro

      It's called Google, maybe you've heard of it. That's how I know what he sold and what does Chief Keef have to do with this??? You made a few assumptions instead of sticking to the facts of what I said and you never gave a straight answer to my question. Instead you built up false arguments that I never made to take down. Your day to day life must suck with logic like that. I would imagine that you spend most of your time explaining yourself because you have a hard time just saying what you mean. And given the way you try to get tough over the internet and how easily you are angered, I'm also guessing that you're one of those lames that thinks because you know who brought the trees to Madlib's studio session with Jay Dilla, you're a "real" hip hop "head" and these other dudes aren't, right? You want a cookie? Elitist "hip hop heads" are lames. As soon as someone disagrees with them, they throw out that tired assumption that "you must listen to (insert mainstream artist's name here) as if it's an insult. Oooooooooh! Guess what? Outside of your corny little circle, no one gives a shit if you know who Kool Herc is. No one gives a shit is you like or don't like Lil' Rob. No one gives a shit about the underground MC you just discovered who's gonna be next to blow. People have their own tastes and some like shitty rap. Some people like Lil Rob. What's it to you? Why does it piss you off so bad? I don't like his music. I think cholo rap is for people living that lifestyle and that's not me, but I'm not gonna disrespect it by talking down or fronting like it doesn't sell to ITS AUDIENCE. But back to your lame ass. Next time you're rubbing your dick, imagining a cypher with KRS-1, Slug and Aesop Rock go stand in front of the mirror and see how pathetic you look. Pause and look at yourself and how corny your old ass is trying to hold on YOUR past. Act your age pleigh boi.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and don't pull some bullshit like, "I never meant well known in his area. Where are you getting that from", how the fuck is someone going to sell 60K "without radio play", it's obvious what you meant.

    • Anonymous

      So, you don't fuck with him, but you know so much about him? Fuck, I bet you'll be calling Chief Keef an OG also. I'm going to bet that most of that 60K sold was from his area. "Potna", if you can't tell what I think an OG is, then you are a fucking moron. You're interpretation is obviously retarded, "someone who has been around for a while, and is semi known in his area." So by your definition, anybody that is well known in their area, has been around for a while, is an OG. Haha okay, makes perfect sense. If you aren't that successful, not well know, you can't qualify as an OG. If you haven't done anything of note in the hiphop world, you don't qualify as an OG. See, if you're definition is true, anybody that has been around since 1994 or before that can be an OG. And still, you're a dumbass.

    • San DIego Negro

      Since when does "niche audience" mean well known? Can you read bruh? My first post said that... lame. I asked you to tell me what OG means and you didn't... I'm still waiting. The dumbest part was I said his freestyle is garbage and I don't fuck with his music, but you're mad because I called him an OG? You're a lame potna. Dude has been rapping for 17 years. What's OG status to you in the rap game? He sound scanned 60K on his debut with no radio play and has been selling since. I don't even fuck with him, but that's all facts. So somebody knows him. And still, you're mad.

    • Anonymous

      He's not well known, most people that do have the misfortune of knowing about him, know him from "Summer Nights". Just because you've been around for a while, doesn't mean you're an OG, that's like saying Lil Cease, Diddy, and Will Smith are OG's. And unless he's influenced an actual well know rapper, and not someone in his crew who is also rapping, then no that doesn't count either. It seems like if DX slaps a word like "veteran" before a rapper's name, then people will say shit like he's a "legend" or "OG".

    • San Diego Negro

      Explain to me why he's not an OG. And please don't tell me because he's from Solana Beach or because he was never active or some dumb shit like that. His music ain't for me either, but are you pretending that he doesn't have his niche audience or that he didn't bring up or influence other rappers of his genre? Dude is on HHDX at least and known. Wack or not.

    • Anonymous

      He's not an OG, you wack fuck. His music sucks, just because he's old, doesn't mean he's an OG.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Yoooo I legit forgot about this dude, haven't heard of him since that "summer nights" joint Freestyle was wack tho smh get this shit outta here

  • BobbiHausgom

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