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RZA and Faulkner drop their tribute to the Big Apple aptly titled "NY Anthem." The track will be played at all upcoming NY Yankees home games.


  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    I can't picture this being played at Yankees games. This shit is just too contrived. I hate to say this more than anyone, but Rza is like a washed up boxer. He's got so many fluffers around him telling him how much of a genius he is all the time that he thinks he can piss on a track and it'll be legendary. What has he really done though in the past ten years that is anything more than mediocre? He hasn't even produced an album. He's thrown some tracks to people here and there, but those tracks haven't been that great. The music he does for films is sloppy and awkward. He's just out of touch man. Too much rubbing elbows with 30-something actors in Hollywood that idolize him, and not enough pounding the pavement in NEW YORK.

    • What r u talkin bout man

      Your always on here talking some dumb shit. U act like rza fell off naw rza still got it.yea i wish he would make more beats and produce more albums, but he still gets busy. Iron fists movie and soundtrack are ill. Chamber music and legendary weapons are ill, my only thing was they were too short. We def need a complete wu album but rza and all the wu members still make good music. They just all need to get together in the studio and knock this album out. As far as this song it def doesnt have the typical wu sound but if hes trying to make a song that can be played at yankee games hes not going to give them wu tang clan aint nuthin to fuck with. Come on son

  • foekist

    Peace I wish RZA success with this because I think they are going to need it. I too immediately thought Empire State Of Mind. It's not that it's bad... it just isn't what we, RZA fans, grew-up listening to. We're all supposed to mature and they say people change every five years. -Whilst this all very well may be true. It doesn't mean our taste in music has to change too. I am not hating, just speculating, this will flop. Peace

    • kimberlyjmiguel

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  • Anonymous

    we go wayyyyy back if u ask me :)

  • Anonymous

    ready for the secret album to leak....don't worry...it will at some point mark my words

  • Anonymous

    so u got 2 choices nigga u can do it my way or u can hit that bitch ass highway. either way. i win.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and by the way in case you haven't been keeping score. Contributions: Me: $500,000.00 You: 0

  • chris johnson

    Yes I'm sorry but it's true. YOUR WACK!!!

  • Anonymous

    your nothing more then a low life coward imposter who should be shot a ship somewhere in the middle on the ocean

  • Anonymous

    but yet you have all the answers to everyone elses problems. u take the cake and the credit. mr progress right?

  • Anonymous

    your president 6.5 years and done nothing.

  • Anonymous

    u should open up a shop and call it "dreams 4 less"

  • Colin Mc Carthy

    Wow, that was embarrassing to listen to, Wu Tang are meant to lead not follow, let alone do a piss poor knock off of a Jay Z & Alicia Keys song. smh.

    • Fry

      I'm not seeing your analogy. You can't do a song about New York? In that case, Gay-z n Alicia Keys ripped off Sinatra. Any song about Cali is a Chili Peppers rip-off.

  • Anonymous

    so who ru kidding?

  • Anonymous

    too many haters too much unemployment.. bad leadership

  • Paramount

    Still to this day, it has been over 20 years since NAS dropped the illmatic, "NEW YORK, NEW YORK" and no one from JZ to Papoose have come close to its hard knocking street gritty lyricism. The truth about New York is the Grit and the Grime and no R&B weightless rhyme.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahaha! Fake ass Alicia Keys and Jay Z track? FOH

    • fry

      What has this to do with the alicia keys - z duet? There was no piano or girl singing. Sounded nothing like it. Just because the song was about New York?