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Raury performs guerilla-style for people leaving a Childish Gambino show in Atlanta to recruit more fans. Check out the entirely fan made video.


  • kai$oundz

    cool idea but if thats your music it kinda sucks I would hate leaving a Gambino concert to hear that shit

  • WazaMC

    Santino Music is unbelievable, especially that Santino is almost 18. He is A good looking kid Too!! Hes what they call A Triple Threat in the Industry. His Tracks are just all I can say is - bow-down peeps! Hes about to drop "Letters To You" his second Tape, an Santino has this Flow and way in an with his Lyrics that's so like real Old School meets modern, Im not sure how to explain, its like this kid was Born from someone BIG back in day- who was reincarnated, peeps this is real talk. Once I relized This kids amazing Talent, I have followed and paid very close attention, and is very mysterios how his writing and Flow swag everything but also its also something else,that is just so familiar from back in the day, but its still totally Original, Kid cant even be compared to Anyone else, keepin it 100 peeps. On You Tube channel is " Santino Music " , He just put out his "OFFICIAL Music Video" like 3 days ago Its called "CHINATOWN FREESTYLE" Video - an is Tight AF!! Its the kids first Official Video and kid gets mad props. And he has lots of Videos up all kinds of Remixes, a lot of Old School Beats and boi those are tight AF! Also a few freestyles and like that! Santino can Freestyle so amazing, like a Mutha F**! I haven't seen many dudes in my ** years that can hold out like him, nobody can go as long and as deep, better then Santino or can even freestyle like this kid, no shit peeps. Just check it, yous see. And most of his Remixes are Better then The Orig. Real talk. CHINATOWN FREESTYLE Video - is off the hook! Its the kids first Official Video and kid gets mad props. On Sound cloud I don't know how often they update that tho, may be free music only and some youtube tracks to some new some up about a year almost. I had someone share a Video with me about 7 months ago and that's how I first saw and watched Listened to Santino, I have been an will continue to follow Santino's success, he will be one of the Greats, a M-Label will Def. pick him up real quick, and Santino will have his pick, so you kno he'll get what he wants, not that bs deal either, if Santino even wants to sign out, he might want to stay Indi, I know this friends... I remember my own grind, I didn't make a Big name for myself, but I did run the game for a good minute, and lil man get mad Respect! Santino, mad respect bruh. #SantinoMusic #LettersToYou Twitter @ThaRealSantino Instagrm. @SantinoMusic Soundcloud @ ThaRealSantino All Santino's Links peps is up all over and on his YouTube Channel. Check Santino Out, If all yous don't already know Santino name yous will real soon anyways, real talk

  • Shawn

    Retarded album cover, stupid name, this fagg0t sounds literally like shit lmfaooooo