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As promised, Eminem brings the visuals for his track "Headlights."


  • speakonit1

    what's the better song honestly, headlights by eminem or featherz by deathwish??

  • speakonit1

    It would be great if em could rap about something other than his mom

  • Anonymous

    Video is good. Nicely made. But this song is terrible. His last 3 or 4 albums are terrible. I'm going to listen to Das Efx - real hip hop. I need real hip hop music in my life.

  • Anonymous

    yall can talk shit bout em's music, but when he drops a song, u be the first to listen to it fkin fake ass faggots

  • Nah man

    Ghostface killah - all that I got is you. Vs Eminem - headlights Hahahahahahaha lol.

  • dee

    classic kkkiiiinnngggg

  • RR

    First quality Eminem song (and video) in at least 5 years...

  • Anonymous

    Wow a great video... RIP to my mom...Love you... Eminem did it again

  • Candace Lint

    Love that song and I almost cried when I saw the video.. Tough stuff.. Eminem always does his thing..

  • dope song

    i expected more out the video though. dope track

  • HipHopFan

    Talk about forcing a rhyme. Em's trying to be too intricate with the wordplay and the flow is nonexistent. It sounds amateurish.

  • Point

    Lol yo you just called them stans... Which I believe is a em song, and even at 40 has more passion, talent, hunger for respect than anyone, 5 years ago you all said lil Wayne was better, he fell off, 3 years ago it was Rick Ross, did you listen to mastermind lol, garbage, now I bet some one named "lil dickz" gonna come out and you'll fall in love and he'll be better, you all are the reason hip hop is dead, cuz you all keep shootin down artists who can revive it smh

  • Anonymous

    Gross I don't listen to white rappers.

  • Mike P

    Thank you eminems mom for being a druggie cunt in your past, you recreated one of the best MCs to ever walk the earth.

  • triPAUD

    pretty good, better than i thought it would be

  • real nigga wut up?

    MMLP2 was the worst album of 2013 em's new shit is awful trash fuck him and his sentimental wigger fans. all hi's shit from 96's to 00 is dope af tho

  • hahahahahahah

    LET ME EDUCATE YALL HATER BITCHES REAL QUICK...... WITH SOURCES Redman telling Ice T eminems roots and is the best MC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVo5JX6tAPc Treach giving eminem great props... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTH4ZA4e6eI tech n9ne saying eminem is the best rapper... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZwGQ63vK7c Kool G rap saying em is phenomenal and he is the last rapper that impressed him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a36MzQcfG8 RAKIM THE GOD saying eminem is one of the best ever and would be the next Mohammed ali if he were black.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I53vWm8dJGk A Nas tweet towards eminem... http://eminematherslim.blogspot.com/2011/07/nas-tweets-that-he-thinks-eminem-right.html Pharoah Monch talking and praising Em highly.... http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2013/11/pharoahe-monch-thinks-eminem-raised-the-bar-again-on-rap-god/ The Game calling Em the GOAT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vwjHssJXTw The Game: If you notice in hip hop is Eminem is the only rapper that nobody ever wants a problem with including myself man eminem the most lyrically insane. Even when me and Dre werent seeing eye to eye I stayed away the white boy!....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbHPpdPhlic Nas on the Untitled album: Aint mad that eminem said nigga cuz HE my nigga Nas before Ems 2009 return: I think its one of the best things hip hop has to look forward to, Em contributes so much lyrically and musically hes amazing Royce da 59 on countless occasions has called eminem the greatest 50 Cent: Same shit Royce says ^ Joe Budden Eminem is one of the greatest rappers who ever lived ALL praise and props 40 other rappers have given eminem: http://www.vibe.com/photo-gallery/40-compliments-rappers-have-given-eminem-over-years SCARFACE SAYIN HE WANTS A BEAT FROM EM BUT WOULD NEVER LET EM RAP AS A FEATURE ON A TRACK OF HIS....JUST READ THE LAST QUESTION http://www.hiphopsite.com/2010/05/05/scarface-hires-eminem-for-album-beats-wont-let-him-rap/

    • georgel

      theres still going to be people who hate him. i dont understand when people dont at least respect his skill its like michael jordan or lebron now.. even if you dont like them you must respect the talent to even consider yourself a rap/hip hop fan. he is by far the greatest overall living rapper in my opinion. the song rap god proved his versatility lyrically and was basically just a song that shows off his lyrical skill.

  • eddie

    absolutely beautiful. best song on MMLP2 (which was a great album overall, I don't care what any hater says).

  • Andre.CO

    Taking his new album for example.... If stuff like Bad Guy, Groundhog Day, Baby, Rap God, Brainless, Evil Twin, and many others isn't what they want from Em now days......then what do they want??? Out of the 21 songs he gave us on MMLP2, 17-18 of them were dope.

  • Anonymous

    Lol @ Stans thinkin their idol can't ever go wrong, just man the fuck up already y'all, the song is awful and you know it

  • Andre.CO


  • Andre.CO

    Krit's Mr Olympus is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT song from this. That song is pretty dope for Krit, but lets not act like it's some legendary track or something. Ems flows on Groundhog Day, Rap God, Brainless are still superior the best Krit. How anyone could mention Big Krit in the same breath as Em as a lyricist shows how much people hate on Em now days for nothing.

  • Andre.CO

    I dont get this people saying the song is bad, that's typical bashing ANYTHING Em does now days. It's become trendy to hate on Em, people think it makes sound more like "real" rap fans, haha. Shits hilarious. The song is dope. The video is fucking horrible, I agree there hands down. Spike Lee should be barred from making any other hip hop videos if this is what he's bringing to the table now days.

    • Anonymous

      Most people who listen to hip hop and not just Eminem would find this terrible. Video is alright. But the song is wack. It's not hating on Eminem. A real Eminem fan would say this wack. Bro, I bought slim shady lp before it was popular to like Eminem. I bought it simply because dr dre was exec producer on it. And its a classic record. What he's making now is wack. It's terrible. It's quite frankly shit. But I was raised on Das Efx, wu tang, black moon, biggie, tribe called quest, nas, AZ, Krs one, Kool g rap, d.i.t.c, dr dre, snoop, epmd, naughty by nature, jay z, Jeru the damaja, gangstarr, pete rock, large pro, easy moe bee, lord finesse etc That's what I think of when I think hip hop. Eminem and even Jay z don't make good hip hop anymore. That's being real. Not being a hater.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I try to enjoy this as a fan I just can't. His voice in this song is really aggravating and the video only makes it worse.

  • hippaToDaHoppa


  • sirj

    You guys either aint listening or knowing that this was heartfelt its something the Em felt in his heart that he had to say to his mom. which i believe he did privately but since of the public display he showed the world he had to come and put it out on his records too


    I been to prison I'm tough I'm this that I immay just be the best rappethis underground sleep in on but check this out WEST SIDE SAN DEIGO BITCH STFU Eminem murdered this track that is emotional and motherfuckin meaningful real talk all I could think about was rap god and my own struggle I cried 2 tears even n I'm kinda tough, this games a bitch and u hatersntalkin down on that nigga Cruz he put all 150 PDS of his body n heart n leave it all on that mic shut the fuck up u ain't nothing but a punk u r I'd bet

  • Anonymous

    I won't even hate on Em today, y'all keep praising him like this is good. If this is what you vibe too, fine by me.

  • Kramer

    Im a fan of Eminem..this song and video really annoys me. Pissed how lovey dovey it is

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    That's it? Little disappointed. Expected much more from Em and SPike Lee no less. Eminem has some of the best rap videos of all time, especially regarding personal stuff like this. Cleaning out my closet=masterpiece video. This=disappointment

  • Anonymous


  • Anon

    Most overrated rapper of all time. Only whiteys listen to him.

  • boo

    did you see rick ross as a security guard in the video, before he started rapping?

  • Sidid1984

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  • Anonymous

    that's some deep shit

  • DM

    This nigga a fuckin g...he grew into a mature man and released this shit on mothers day still the best rapper in the fuckn game hands down ask all your favorite rappers bitchasses

  • jerusareem

    WACK as usual from new eminem...dude fell off so hard...was my favorite rapper ever back in the day with his lyrical skills and flow...sad decline

    • Anonymous

      @ jerusareem, go fuck yourself with a rusty coat hangar. Just stick the shit all up in your urethra. Eminem is the best rapper who has ever lived; nobody has proven otherwise. You and your opinion are the minority.

    • Anonymous


    • ^ fucking trol

      eminem was never your favorite rapper you just tryn to sound cool. Thats why this dude is still one of the masters of the game in lyrics flow and wordplay... tech n9ne just the other day said hes the best in the whole game and many other rappers love em and said he one of the greats if not the great of ALL time

  • Anonymous

    Was that Rick Ross as one of the officers?

  • Anonymous

    Wack, even Quavo be rapping better than Eminem nowadays

  • stabler420

    Well as terrible as he is there isn't a single rapper out today that can even hold a candle to his lyrical skills. So I guess that means hip-hop has gone pop and lacks any passion. Why don't you start writing shit?

    • Anonymous

      Bull shit, Big Krit Mt. Olympus embarrasses this, krazie bone showed us that people can rap just as fast as em on rap god, you suburban kids will forever make excuses to this washed up rapper.

  • petey popoff

    happy mothers days

  • Verbal Tim

    Fuck Eminem. He was a great rapper with weird and genius lyrics. Now he's a wack pop star who he fought aginst in his early career. He's the deffinition of a hypocrite.

    • Anonymous

      white people have a very deep need to feel that they are "special" it makes then delusional and hateful

    • Anonymous

      Lol nigga u think I give a fuck what my favorite artist thinks? I don't live based on their opinions, unlike your Stan ass.

    • Anonymous

      There's a reason that Eminem was the biggest selling artist in any genre of the 2000's. It's because he's the best rapper of all time. So g'head and eat a bag of dicks while listening to young thug you fuckin fagget bitch. And fuck the other dude up here ^^^ who's trying to defend Verbal Tim.

    • ^

      its not that its the people that go negative on him arent mature and dont understand that LIFE happens and ppl arent gonna be the same person or artist 15 years later. lol ask any other legendary rapper where em sits.. you'll have nothing to say

    • Anonymous

      You 3 fuckboys caught feelings or something? Lol can't even see someone criticizing your god Marshall without going apeshit smh y'all lame

    • Agreed

      Verbal Tim is right though. His lyrics used to great and now they're completely diluted. There's no problem with growing up as long as the passion is still there.

    • Dugh

      Please.......SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • Verbal Idiot

      The dude grew up, maybe someday you will too.

    • STFU

      stfu seriously.. think he earned the right to do whatever he wants