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Exclusive: With Outkast's debut album "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" turning 20, rapper on the rise Eric Biddines brings his favorite track off the album.

2014 is not only the year of Outkast's beloved return to the stage, but it also marks the 20th anniversary of their debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, released on April 26, 1994. Unlike some of their counterparts in the early '90s, the album went Platinum by the falling year, but has gone on to influence artists today, such as south Florida native Eric Biddines.

""Crumblin' Erb" was the best song on that project," said Biddines when asked about the album. He went on to explain that it was very rare to hear Southern music on the radio, even though he grew up in the South. Recently releasing a visual for “Railroad Down/Unfinished” exclusively on HipHopDX, the rapper showcased what he felt were similar perils between slavery and the music industry. “So it’s like, that slave, that’s really me. In that refuge, that’s me at the same time, breaking down these barriers, going against the rules,” said Biddines.

Going against the grain is nothing knew for both artists, as Biddines doesn't smoke or drink. His influence on the decision was specifically from Andre3000. "He had that song ["ATLiens"] 'say no drugs or alcohol so that I can get the signal clear as day.' I was maybe like 14 or something and I just ran with that," said Biddines. Check out what else Biddines had to say about Outkast. Though they have yet to release any new music in years, the scope of their body of work is undeniable, creating their own legacy.

"Crumblin' Erb" was the best song on that project. I think that's something — especially growing up in the South, with specifically urban music — it was rare to hear Southern music even on the radio. You had to really be into the culture. We didn't hear any of that on TV or anything. So, it was like a complete freaking civil rights movement to get Southern music, and a lot of it wasn't that good, but that Southernplayalistic project really made the South be taken seriously. 'Cause around that time, we really had a lot of booty music and I'm from South Florida. We definitely took a big responsibility on that booty music and all that. But, when that Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik dropped, it was lyrics from the South that was respected and paved the way and opened the doors for like all the Southern acts today, like what Big K.R.I.T. doin', Cyhi The Prynce, Yelawolf like a lot of these Southern artists, T.I., a lot of these other Southern acts that's considered lyricists. None of us would even be here if it wasn't for that specific album. Nobody in the South can disagree with that. – Eric Biddines


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  • Anonymous

    Good album but not a classic like ATLIENS

    • Anonymous

      Nicca please fuck that weird ass ATLiens album, Southernplayalistic sounds way realer, I can't relate to no nigga calling himself an alien

  • Gucci The Realest

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