JoJo Pellegrino has been working hard as part of New York’s new school diverse Hip Hop scene. JoJo’s consistency on the mic continues with his latest “Fatal Shot.” He premieres the video for the track with HipHopDX, and provides a little insight on himself. Read on for more info, and keep and ear and an eye out for JoJo Pellegrino.

Name: JoJo Pellegrino

From: Staten Island, New York

Inspired by: Any and every emcee who ever raised the bar, set trends, and kept it original. Shyheim the Rugged Child brought me around this business first when I was 14.

Who are your Hip Hop influences? Some artists say they “Were raised OFF Wu-Tang.” Well I was raised BY Wu-Tang – I was never influenced by anyone, just inspired by all the greats from the Golden Era to right now.

What are you working on currently? I am working on sending the underground into a frenzy with a new mixtape, Pellafreestyle after Pellafreestyle, and a new single. Also working on numerous videos. The music always comes first because that is the foundation. I am also working on my acting career. Needless to say, this year there will be lots of Pellegrino, incredible music for the fans, and a new standard for these crabs to meet lyrically.

When can we expect a new project? I will be releasing a mixtape with all original music of course in the later part of March.