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Macklemore is dressed in a mariachi band member's outfit for his new video "White Walls" with ScHoolboy Q and Hollis.


  • Anonymous

    Not my favorite track of the album, but still a pretty dope video

  • We Know...

    Well said ... http://www.mtvhive.com/2013/04/02/paid-dues-2013-jeff-weiss/ "But my grandfather would insist that Macklemore is a turkey. For one, the Seattle rapper needs to tithe 10% of his income to Atmosphere. Theres a difference between homage and outright heist and on-stage, Macklemore lifts every one of Slugs vocal tics and cadences. Close your eyes and you can scarcely tell the difference. He is Atmosphere if God loves Sucking. His stage presence consists of jazz hands gestures while flouncing on-stage in the fashion of a British boy ballet maestro. While wearing a black tanktop, Macklemore expressed his dissatisfaction towards driving his moms Prius when he really wanted a Cadillac Roth. It was the most aggressively mayonnaise thing Ive ever heard at a hip-hop show (to be fair, I never saw Paul Barman or Joey Lawrence live). Every one of his songs seemed accompanied by a syrupy choir or some sort of fortune cookie optimism. He told the crowd that they will only get one tonight. He coaxed them to make noise because they were competing with every other festival in the world at that moment. He roared Are You Ready with the corniness of a boxing ring announcer. He sang a song about Irish pride. He brought out a singer in all white who looked like a milkman. Then he crawled on his hands and knees and surfed out into the adoring mob and you couldnt help but wish that he disappeared, but understood that he wasnt going anywhere anytime soon."

  • Truth Hurts

    Macklemore releases a video for a poser #BoxChevy track on the same day YelaWolf is featured in Eminem's new video Macklemore gets handed a faux "Hip Hop" award by Ed Sheeran ... YelaWolf put together a classic Album with Ed Sheeran Macklemore pays A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa and Big Boi to be in his #poser video ... YelaWolf has made 2 incredible tracks with A$AP, 3 major tours with Wiz and a classic Hit Single with Big Boi produced by Outkast ironically where the message is really aimed right at people like Ryan Lewis -- YOU AIN'T NO DJ Macklemore pulls in Big KRIT to tour with him to gain back some Southern Hip Hop street cred ... YelaWolf is about to release a game changing Album with KRIT #CountryCuzzins Macklemore & SchoolBoy Q swimming together ... YelaWolf touring the World with Kendrick Lamar and Eminem Macklemore says he was a Wu-Tang fan in 6th Grade as if they aren't as relevant to the culture today ... gets called out by Method Man for being a #poser ... YelaWolf tours around the World with Wu-Tang, gets called out on stage by Method Man for being the #Truth and makes classic records with Raekwon Even for those of you that cry about listening to Macklemore's old music -- FUCK THAT -- I will listen to the original and that's SLUG + ANT aka Atmosphere Macklemore is the dude featured in the Bad Luck Brian meme's ... " Bad Luck Ben " ... True music and true talent can't be denied, but #POSERS get exposed

    • Vanbiguous

      You haters are constant. You really think he's going to be "exposed". Get over it, he succeeded. Rap is bordeline pop in a lot of ways and that's what pop has always been, ripping everybody else off. He's still talented and he can rap, get over it.

  • Joe

    I couldnt sit through this

  • Atmosphere

    LOL Macklemore trying SO hard to be associated with Eminem. I bet his team thought the blogs would be posting Headlines with both artists dropping their videos on the same day. Pretty much the only way the 2 will be talked about in the same conversation. Macklemore can keep dick riding Hip Hop artists all day, but it's not going to make people think of him as someone doing something to promote the culture. He stands for everything wrong with Hip Hop and Music in general -- the TRUE Independent Hip Hop artists are Atmosphere, Tech N9ne and a handful of others. He's also not the first to rap with a message - it's been done and been done in a way more authentic way. I believe in Equality and Gay Rights, but honestly that's because of my values and who I am.

  • Anonymous

    Ive liked most their vids so far, always got some humor in em, looks like a lot of other rappers supporting him too. Cool vid.

  • killah_casp

    wow mackelmore is just garbage hes like one off those flo rida/ pitbull type rappers that flow as fast as the can but there content just sucks i think hes only good point is he has those rich vocals from ryan lewis apart from that i can't understand or care for anything he rhymes.... and school boy Q is proving day by day that he is the wackest member in black hippy.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahaha "rich vocals from Ryan Lewis" .... next time you decide to comment, don't make yourself look like a retard...

  • Beverly D. Buckley

    as Gary said I'm stunned that a student can profit $7476 in four weeks on the internet. pop over to these guys... www.Cafe44.com You talk like Gucci is some cold blooded murderer but the truth is he only killed in self defense and ever since then he been fucked in the head. I mean really an Ice Cream Cone tattoo? How can you justify that shit?

  • Revatom Restorer of Faith

    Video started off good, then once the song kicked in shit got gay quick.