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Joe Budden videotaped his reaction to Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Control." You may be surprised by his thoughts.


  • Anonymous

    typical joe.. being condencending without doing it blatantly... by saying "he had 10 hot bars" and calling it "cute" he's trying to act like he's not impressed. truth is this verse woke a lot of ppl up and he should acknowledge it for what it really is rather than act like he's too cool for this shit. meanwhile he's not too cool for corn ball shit like Love and HipHop.

  • Anonymous

    I hate it when rappers purposely act like they don't care. Stop looking like you don't give a fuck. I like joe Budden, but honestly Kendrick passed him as of now.

  • titogee

    he just mad that he didnt mention him....haters gotta hate.

  • Anonymous


  • Slim

    I had to laugh at this. Joe is being modest. He respected the verse. That's it, you can see that on his face the first time he listened through. There are rappers out there losing sleep over these bars its crazy. Its not a "Diss track" and people are takin it like its beef. Its a line in the sand. Kendrick just dared those that got the stones to cross the line. Whether or not they get bodied is up for the future to decide. All I see is hopefully healthy competition for Hip Hop again. Take it as you will.

  • Art Brooks

    Who cares. Let's see that bytch on the couch shake her ass

  • Aim80

    Joe, you're a fuckin bitch... callin that song "cute" cmon, you KNOW that's meant to be insulting, if you're gonna insult fucking INSULT then! Don't pussyfoot around it like that. Give respect to the fucking guy for writing such a hot verse AND for taking pride in his craft by saying 'Im trying to be the best, I dont care'. THATS Hip-Hop right there... not recording video of yourself fuckin slurpin soup out of a plastic cup calling shit "cute". I love Slaughterhouse... but goddammit Joe... i swear, Im starting to NOT like you more and more. I saw you guys perform in LA, and I swear you were the drunkest, sloppiest one on stage, you started singing some Marvin Gaye shit or something, you were a total wreck. Made the entire group look bad as a whole. Then all of your crying and whining about girls and heartbreaks on Twitter, maaannnn.... I see a lot of people calling you a "hoe ass nigga" a LOT, and now Im starting to see why : / Stop it Joe. Put up or shut up, that's it. We all know you got bars, either put some together or just leave the whole situation be. But don't sit there and slurp your broth callin Kendrick's verse "cute"...

    • yomama

      so he's just supposed to get mad every time someone makes a simple dis? he's playing it cool and he'll fire back i'm sure. but because he doesn't get mad don't make him a bitch. btw he's not even reading your comments....haha.

    • Anonymous

      Even though I'm a Slaughterhouse fan, I agree with you about Joe.

  • JEFFe

    He stay with the baddest jonks

  • dafuq

    That's cause when Joe was out filming reality TV show's Kendrick was rapping. So instead of looking all sensitive behind the camera get back to rapping if you think that shit was cute. K.Dot got these rappers sensitive as fuck.

  • wtfhuhlol

    What was in that cup he was eating, Ramen Noodles?? LOL!!

  • Joe Smalls

    Joe Budden is smarter and a better artist than Kendrick.

  • UK B-Boy

    What.....a.......f**king weirdo.....who takes a video of themselves looking like a retard and posts it on line. Pussy, even consequence kicked his ass

  • Steve

    Joe..stop..! You sound like you scared to respond..He didn't name you so you automatically considered BUTT by him..he called all but the very BEST out...ALL you rapper cats...!

  • Budden's way too emotional and weird


  • Tmunz34

    come on now joe it was cute be more salty. Ilisten to him to

  • anonymous

    all this talk and still no track from budden...

  • Anonymous

    joe budden is a internet gangster not a real gangster

  • MartyMcfly

    This guy is salty! common i like Joey but how you going to hate?

  • Anonymous

    Joe is salty, he didn't do it first

  • Anonymous

    Bong in the background

  • zerocool6687

    "bunch a fucken fags" - stay classy kid.

  • dj nemesis

    put up cassidys please hiphopdx...

  • rizzle

    dont know but i know she gone leave this lame nigga too fab prolly fucked her too, she gone leave and he gone continue making songs about being dumped

  • Anonymous

    Whose shorty in the background though??? LOL