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Last night at the Governors Ball, headliner Kanye West premiered some new "Yeezus" cuts including, "I Am A God." Turns out gods love croissants and massages.



  • anonymous

    If you God, then save your own, don't mentally enslave your own If you God, then save your own, don't mentally enslave your own If you God, then save your own, don't mentally enslave your own -Ceelo

  • Anonymous

    clearly one of his darker songs...notice how he followed it up with jesus walks, lol.

  • .

    And then you hear Jesus Walks coming after lol. This shit is just mad evil lol. Idc

  • Anonymous

    this garbage this dude soul less, there comes a point where you are so far gone you just dont care thats him, his riding to the end praising himself. no faith his too far gone.

  • Anonymous

    somebody take this man to church

  • Anonymous

    you ain't no god mothafucka. you're just a bug in this fuckin universe

  • Anonymous

    Man this is some satanic shit yeezy must be on that shroomus

  • Anonymous

    Yo "yeezus", I hope I got that right. Um so your a God, huh? Well why did you cuff up kim? Why are such a cakemix? Whats really good with you mane? Not even the devil woulda wifed up kim. Someone needs to slap the shit out of you. Your shenanigans are becoming tiresome. Not evening running into that sign knocked any sense into ya.

    • ...?

      "Yo "yeezus", I hope I got that right. Um so your a God, huh?" Nah, you got it wrong, it's *you're*...

  • AverageJoe

    I know niggas in Hiphop that's at the top be watching the Internet and the underground ... In between they private jets,shows,and video shoots ... Keeping up with everything that's going on. I swear and I could be wrong but it seems like Kanye West bit them Aqualeo niggaz steelo. They be on all that god type shit inverted crosses and they fuck wit KOD techn9ne - they also got a film and a book and one dude Priceless say MICHAEL JACKSON was OUR JESUS... I heard Kanye mention Michaels name in this song doesn't seem so coincidental especially cause Aqualeo use to fuck wit Beyonce an nem

  • AverageJoe

    Wow...he really went there ... Sipping the cup - hahahahah ...on that Crowley shit I see ... Need to research how he ended up ... Pride B4 the fall

  • Grand noir

    Black is God !!!!!!!!!!!

  • kanye west

    this is probably the shittest music iv ever heard i rather listen to French Montana and thats like killing urself. This guy has definitely fallen off. All my respect for him has been destroyed. To be honest this guy fell of since the tragic death of his mother. Never been the same. i am god just spoke to jesus he said wats up yeezus is the funniest and best part of the song!!! damn kanye ur shit now.

  • Akzgang

    Kanye's obviously tripping on a God complex. We love him, but he's going to come crashing down.

    • do you you listen to music or do you just skim through it?

      what do you mean god complex? "I just talked to jesus, he said whats up yeezus? I know he the most high, but i am a close high...." if you don't like him just say you don't like him but don't accuse somebody you never met of turning there back on there faith. thats a big stretch. he obviously put that most high line in that song to break character and let people know that he doesnt actually think hes a god. maybe just the lord of rap..

    • Anonymous

      watch the throne was bad enough with that godly shit buh come wat the fuck is up with that yeezus shit kanye just because ur fucking the industries biggest fuckable hoe u think ur GOD come off that bullshit!

    • Anonymous

      i agree brother