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"Yeezus" coming June 18th...


  • fraspi

    Dope shit. Death Grips vibe.

  • HipHopSays

    @ETK: it's not weak because I don't get it. It's weak because the beat is a pure lift from Manson's Beautiful People, the lyrics are conceptually inept, and the production is mediocre. It's weak because when I compare it to other Kanye works it doesn't even warrant a mention among his best efforts. In '98 (It's Bigger Than Hip Hop) he did production work that used a hard rock backbone for the beat that was a better example then Black Skinheads and production wise that song outshines either singles performed tonight on SNL. It's weak because you and I as hip hop heads know Kanye can do better. The line you sight in New Slaves doesn't exclude the song from being about a global gov't operating (aka New World Order) to keep power in the hands of the few leaders within that new gov't ( aka the illuminati). It just means Ye doesn't think he is a member of the illuminati. In fact the very next line supports the theory he believes there's a New World Order....through his postulating CCA and DEA collusion to imprison many for cheap labor - aka new slaves. *** See they'll confuse us with some bullshit/ Like the New World Order/ Meanwhile the DEA teamed up with CCA/ They tryna lock ni**as up/ They tryna to make new slaves/ See that's that private owned prison/ Get your piece today My original critque stands and its disappointing that your adoration for Ye doesn't allow you to be a true fan expect nothing less than the best he has to offer. A critique of Ye at this point in his career from fans can only serve him well because there are enough 'yes' men and women who will except what he submits as 'art' and there are enough hipsters who will buy it cause they don't know any better. @Anonymous: I'm not too slow for Ye ... in fact Ye is to slow for Ye. My PhD says I can keep up with the best of 'em and in fact Ye is out of his depth with the lyrics in either song performed last night. It's just sad that you believe there's depth in Ye's incoherent lyrics that are filled with half concepts. FYI - Kanye is not a lyricist (and that's OK) however if he wants to play in the lyrical pool he needs something slightly better composed than either of these trite pieces of work. At the end of the day I am hip hop head and I can get a lyrical concept ... sadly, there's nothing to get from Ye's efforts.

    • ETK

      when you compare it to Kanye's other works... nigga the song came out last fuckin night! and that obviously wasn't no CD version. you don't have to like this beat but to compare this to the shit you've been bumping from Kanye for 2, 3, 5 years... yeah no shit you're gonna prefer his older beats. It's a new direction, just like every one of Kanye's LPs, you just ain't strapped on yet fans need to slow the hell down with they business. "Kanye is too slow for Kanye" foh! anybody who a fan of Kanye knows that he's experimental af. shit I didn't like Cruel Summer but I wasn't shittin on the work and comparing it to College Dropout 3 hours in. let the beat grow on you, wait till it ACTUALLY comes out as a single(CD version) and if you still ain't feel it.. then you can say he should know better. oh yeah, yes men and hipsters gon' buy his shit? don't tell me, I know where the true fans are at! they're busy latching on to the past or bein close-minded about what works and what doesn't.

  • Wat?

    I dont like this.......

  • yes.

    fucking great. can't wait, for more.

  • Yeezus

    Both tracks Ye performed were fuckin EPIC! Lovin all the new material he's putting out.

  • africadz

    one of the worst rappers of all time we need news about eminem album

    • K

      Yeah because Eminem's last two albums were so great...Shut up you faggot.

    • G.O.O.D.

      False. MC Hammer,Vanilla Ice,Soulja Boy,Lil B,Dem Franchise Boyz,Shawty Lo,Plies,Yung Berg,Young Scooter,OJ Da Juiceman. Those are the suck ass muthafuckaz in the rap game. Kanye is far from wack yo.stop hatin...unless ur a tswift fan?lmao

  • woow

    maaan.. this is awesome! ye got it doown

  • jonny b

    Wow this sounds amazing this guy really is gifted

  • Anonymous

    Ben Affleck showed him a lot of respect by saying "the man you came to see"...Earth's culture could use a little more of that

  • yea

    This is fuckin great! I love the beat. It reminds me to Depeche Mode and Marilyn Manson. 5 stars

  • HipHopSays

    both tracks performed tonite (New Slaves & Black Skinheads) are weak. They're weak by Ye standards and they are definitely weak by hip hop standards. lyrically, i have no clue what the fuck he supposedly was trying to say in either song. New Slaves is supposedly about some New World Order ish but the lyrics are incoherent, inconsistent, and conceptually off. The only thing Ye said lyrically in either of these songs is 'poor little me persecuted by the media and the powers that be'...but hey narcissism has always taken the stage with Ye (but sadly it no longer is aiding him in being creative). The stage design didn't aid the performance (who is the barking dog representing Ye), and the distortion in Black Skinheads was a distraction and created all types of feedback that Ye as a producer should have known better. But hey, teabagging hipsters will buy the album and herald him as 'genius' and will be unable to clearly state what the 'genius' is....and so it goes.

    • Anonymous

      this isn't an insult but you're too slow for him

    • ETK

      "lyrically, i have no clue what the fuck he supposedly was trying to say in either song." well no wonder you think it's weak, you don't get it. New Slaves ain't even about some new world order shit, he dropped that line that said "they gonna say it's some bullshit like the new world order" or something like that. that was a reference to these niggas goin all "illuminati!" every fuckin time Kanye or Jay be doin something. how funny is it you gon say you didn't know what he said, and then follow up with what "the only thing Ye said" was! ain't that fucked up. so who's unable to clearly state what exactly, is my question. Kanye may or may not be a genius but you sure ain't one, b

  • Bryson

    The fact that these one track minded kids hate this new 'Black Skinhead' track only further proves the notion that he is doing things no one else is, otherwise they wouldn't be so pissed that "new yeezy" ain't putting out the same graduation type shit. Kanye is progressing, he is searching for new sounds that have been untapped by your average run of the mill rap artist. I understand half you niggas are one track minded boom bap dick riders, but believe it or not, some people aren't close minded

    • Anonymous

      you're right, he's beyond them...people need to learn to expect new sounds when kanye comes out with something new

  • Marx1684

    I can understanding riding w/an artist & their musical decisions but as a back in the day Kanye West fan I cannot say that this is what I signed up for.

    • Marx1684

      I understand what you're saying. I would like to think myself apart from the 35% that you're speaking of since I enjoy intelligent ideas & debating music. I will say that it is one thing to think outside of the box & another to just re-wrap a gift. This isn't new. The only reason it would be considered creative is b/c he's an artist that has been known for making Hip Hop making what artists have previously created in Rock. This isn't anything new. What he did is like throwing a Super Nintendo game (rom) on a tablet. I'm not close minded. I just really like new sounds & only sometimes enjoy the ones that are reused properly. Raphael Saadiq's 2 recent albums would be an example of what I'm speaking on when it comes to repackaging a popular sound for a current generation of listeners. I won't discredit Kanye West's body of work at all. I've bumped 4 out 5 of his solo albums heavy & consider most of what he has created what I've signed up for. I just thought he would be going for a new sound. I'm only human so being wrong sometimes comes with the territory.

    • ...?

      Why does it have to be defined as "Hip-Hop" to be good? An apple that tasted like an orange would certainly help break repetitiveness...

    • BP

      lol nothin Kanye makes is what you signed up for. that's his whole schtick. think the fans were expecting how his singles would sound like when Graduation was prepped for release? or MBDTF? or even 808s? some of Kanye's LPs weren't that great, some were, but the point is they all had that distinctive sound to them, Kanye has a mind for production. I got no problem if you don't like that new Kanye joint but if you keep lookin for these "apples" when it comes to hip-hop, you're just gonna end up more and more close-minded. soon enough you'll be like those old farts whinin about the current state of music and ignorantly putting every new wave of new emcees in a box.. kinda like what 35% of the commenters on this website sound, really.

    • Marx1684

      Free speech. You're entitled. I guess you like apple's that taste like oranges. Or you may just be a very smart guy who understands my opinion & decided to post an accurate & intelligent reply.

    • Hey...

      Man, you are a douche.

    • Marx1684

      I was wrong & can admit that I rushed my last comment. Apologies. Still not a fan of the song though. When can we stop calling a sound actual Hip Hop? Looks like an apple. Is shaped like an apple. Tastes like an apple. BUT IT'S AN ORANGE FOLKS!!!!

    • Marx1684


  • Anonymous

    Holy Shit! That was incredible. Song is real good, but that Performance was just amazing.

  • Anonymous

    damn wow i saw that song on the buildings first... sucked this one now... wow... like saul williams with trent reznor... really edgy and aggressive had a point energetic mad spit tin distorted and cool effects

  • Anonymous

    I am feeling that new slave ish but this other track, dont know what to say yet, maybe I wait for the cd version



  • Felix Rye

    What the fuck is wrong with this idiot.......he is a very talented individual but i think .....ummm....this shit fucking sucks ...money fucks people up in the head ,,,,what a idiot

    • Co_sign

      Co-Sign SFTU

    • Shut the fuck up

      Why don't you listen to the words instead of bitchin'. This dude has brought back rap and rock which rappers seem to have forgotten. And then Indie Rock at that. Do you hear this nigga spitting to society? Or are you use to rappers doing standard rapper shit?

    • Anonymous

      you heard anything this original in a while?