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Joey Bada$$, Big K.R.I.T. and Kushed God take things literally underground for a track so raw regular airplay ran in fear.


  • ShinbrigGOKU

    DANG!!! KRIT just killed it

  • A

    Krizzy switching his style up!

  • Lil B

    FYI this wasn't filmed in the U.S, those white dudes look like their from europe or some shit.

  • Anonymous

    hip-hop hip-hop hip-hop hip-hop hip-hop hip-hop

  • bcamdakilla

    wats good wit all dem whte boys lookin awkward as hell in da background!!! call some of ur cousins next time

    • Richie

      Thats just how joey is, I mean them are his friends, so why would he place someone in his video he doesn't kick it with, everyone doesn't have to be fake to try and look real or an imitation of how sh** should look for someone else.

    • DefBoy3

      Yea I know rite! It just messed up the video a bit. . .

    • JahRandom

      was wondering how long it would take for someone to point that out

  • honest policy

    aye shut da fuck up!!! all of them went off especially krit.

  • niqqa

    this shit fire krit killed it!! video is now on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oa5LbSZ4Yv8

  • anon

    "I crush they vertebrae my verbal play weighs a ton"...damn.. Krit's here. Joey's lyrics on point as always but def could step the flow up a lil bit. Imma fan though. These new cats, Krit, Joey, J.Cole, Kendrick, they saving hip hop..Bring it back to lyrics, flow and content. Not saturated over commercialized bullshit. Rap has become a damn advertisement for shit its fans cant even afford..This shits real here. Recognize.

  • BradZuk

    Does anyone else think Joey has gone downhill since 1999 came out. Every verse on a single, or a feature, or a group album just doesn't hold up. Wheres the Daily Routine/World Domination/Survival Tactics GOLD. That shit was pure fire. Im just not hearin it any more. Also, AS USUAL, KRIT dominates all. Hands down best verse on 1 Train too. Truly impressive.

  • Joey B's lyrics

    What you looking at? I'm with the Crooklyn pack; don't front We brought Brooklyn back, you know where my lines is, where the hookers at One punchline outshine before I show 'em where the Hook is at, where you at? Pro Era info, you could book us at We snot-nosed and don't forget Where the boogers at, brown skin, curly hair, tell 'em J-Boog is back, I be too insane in the membrane from the empire, but I keep my mind in the Pen state, wanna know how I keep my pen straight? Damn straight, how they trying to bite off of my template Based off they sentences, that ain't got good Penmanship, that get you like an assembly And that's all that I was sent to say Let's get a offer 'fore SOPA try to censor me They put in the Mensa, intenser me Niggas thought they could relax but look tense to me

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is up with all the pure hate torwards Joey Badass? Is it that hard to be a little more constructive about a young emcee? Just because he isn't as good, or not even half as good as your favorite rapper does NOT mean he's wack. If you've listened to all of his shit, you'll realize that he's still a 1,000 times better than alot of the mainstream garbage that gets forcefed to the masses nowadays. Not to mention he actually carries a message and mostly raps about real shit, not just money, sex, and drugs in every song. That's all that really matters in the end, ESPECIALLY in the current state of hiphop. If you disagree then you aren't a true fan of the genre, and shouldn't bother commenting ever again.

  • Diff

    Thanks for keeping Hip-Hop alive...

  • Anonymous

    literally everytime i come on here if 2 people say the same thing...everyone follows suit...immature fucks...if you aint like badass you dont like lyrics (.)

  • blogger bitches

    joey badass is such a wannabe retro nerd. kid fucking sucks. hes what the 90s would sound like if rappers in the 90s were wannabe geeks making shitty music. and smoke dza is one fo the worst rappers ive ever heard. what a joke. big krit is a talent, shame def jam killed his career. such promise, and hope, sad to see the kid fall. probably hates rap now. joey badass is a wannabe geek. if i wanna hear some 90s shit i bang the classics. just make good music. something he hasnt been able to do. kid would get dusted by any golden age emcee that killed it in their teens. rakim, nas, prodigy, treach, would all trash this kid and leave him sounding like the mush mouthed nerd he is.

    • JoshRichRapsOfficial

      He's already made it fresh out of high school with a flow like that and is already on the scene. Just wait till he fills it with more mature lyrics, he has a chance to be a legend and you just don't realize it.

  • based landlord

    omg KRIT has been going CRAZY lately...

  • gsonii

    here come the fuckboys talking that real hip hop shit. This shit average as fuck, but Krit had the best verse. Badass keep exposing himself as nothing but hype. What New York got to say about there own hypefest? They always talking shit about other regions hypefest?

  • Anonymous

    Joey Bada$$ - bad flow as always, can't understand the last words of each line alot of the tme, decent lyrically though.. 1.5/5 Smoke DZA - Didn't even bother listening to his part Big KRIT - Outshined them completely. 5/5

    • Anonymous

      nas made illmatic as a teen you idiot. joey badass made a wack ass mixtape blog nerds think is good. his music stinks.

    • JoshRichRapsOfficial

      @anon: You said he sounds like Nas in his teens, well Joey is a teen. Nas later became one of the most commendable players in the game. And Nas wasn't even as big as Joey when he was a teen.

    • Anonymous

      joey badass is a fucking geek that sucks at making music. he sounds like nasty nas in his teens if nas was a mush mouth loser that coudln't make songs or ride beats to save his life. voice of a generation. LOL. are you serious? i guess the voice of your generation has a speech impediment then. kid stinks. like almost every other rapper to be hyped on blogs. got ran off twitter by a troll. kid's a joke.

    • dallas

      You have no idea what youre talking about the youngin is killin the game right now. His 90's sound is whats gonna make him the sound of a generation

    • Anonymous

      He's lyrically talented but has no musical talent at all.. Not saying rapping takes a lot of it but come on when you are basically talking on the beats I cannot listen to you. He won't be the voice of anything he's too stuck in the '90s to change anything or ever be relevant or popular. Which even though I don't like him I'd consider a bad thing because ANYTHING is a step up from the French Montanas and Futures right now.

    • Roman

      If you think Joey isn't one of the best up and coming rappers alive, you mustn't know anything at all about hip-hop. His flow, and algorithm coincide perfectly with every beat he's on. His lyrical genius and ability to tell you a story in his music is of the quality from Illmatic. Being an educated "white boy," I must say; Joey Bada$$ will most definitely be the voice of a generation in the foreseeable future. Not only does he poses great talent, he actually has a cause for the verses he spits, other than what you typically hear on the mainstream radio garbage you're undoubtedly well familiar with of desires for wealth and power. He wants his music to influence and inspire, not corrupt and destroy.

  • m.black

    What the fuck is up with the white boys in the background? Whitey don't like you fools...they jus want yo style!!!

    • Anonymous

      I can cosign that statement. If you have ever been to an underground hip hop show you know that white people are massive fans of underground shit. I live in DC, "chocolate city", and even here the shows have the same overwhelmingly white demographic of fans.

    • Anonymous

      Think he's trying to say that the majority of hiphop heads that really really really appreciate that underground 1990's esque Hip Hop are white. No disrespect but gotta respect that.

  • Anonymous

    Damn I love this kid yo...lol No Ocean! I haven't heard nothing this ill from a teenager since I got to hear Nas spit at that age. Joey just getting started too. I just got put on too him last few weeks. Really dope! Takes be back there everytime I hear his shit. K.R.I.T I never really paid attention to him, although I probably will now, cause I really was impressed with his delivery. Dope! Good shit!

  • Anonymous

    ny just got embarrassed by a south nigga. these niggas was not repping yall right.

  • Anonymous

    lol white kid music

  • bboy

    this on youtube now!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oa5LbSZ4Yv8

  • Anonymous

    big krit is ripping rappers apart at moment!

  • cool beat/vid

    KRIT owns this. Best DZA verse ever, which doesn't say much. Joey Badass thinks he's way nicer than he actually is.

    • trill dude

      Your ignorant as shit if you think Joey is way nicer than he actually is... stfu

    • Anonymous

      ya your stupid

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      KRIT definitely gets his respect due on this, but if you think this is DZA's best verse I suggest you check his catalog. Joey B is what? 16, 17? Kid is nicer than anybody in his age bracket and surrounding himself with with the kind of talent he has been will only elevate his skills. This shit goes dumb hard.

  • krit

    I appreciate Joey B's skills along with Smoke DZA, but KRIT really shines here and on most other tracks. Joey does his style well, but it has been done before. Smoke DZA's sound is also getting old. It's hard to keep up when guys like Yelawolf/KRIT are just tearing the rap game apart. Not too many others can compare in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      I always think of KRIT as a phenomenal producer that i forget that he has improved big time as far as lyrical ability goes. Can't wait to hear some new shit from KRIT.

  • Anonymous

    Joey Badass is the next Yasiin Bey/Mos Def

  • Anonymous

    krit verse was too cute

  • Anonymous

    Not really feeling Joey's flow in this.. KRIT and DZA killed it though

  • blorgon

    produced by Navie D.

  • RC

    Dope Joey Bada$$ & Smoke DZA holding down New York while K.R.I.T. making southern Hip-Hop the way it should sound! Hip-Hop is in good hands!!

  • Gangsta Gangsta

    Damn, People need to stop sleeping on KRITs lyrical ability. This track is nasty.