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To celebrate the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis give us a new set of basketball themed visuals over "The Heist" single "Wings."


  • A Canadian

    Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't this just broadcasting his message to those that may have gone through what he (and I) did. Thinking the shoes were going to improve his game? Sure he gets paid (I'm guessing) for it, but still...

  • Anonymous

    the message of the song was to not be brainwashed into a brand and be your own person and not buy into what others this is cool or w/e. the scripted was completely flipped here. disappointing. especialy from someone who made such a deep and conscious song about this...i thought with mack it was much more than music it was a message... but i guess the certain amount of money can buy about anything

  • Brik

    Yeah because all yall would turn down the shit-load of money the NBA and TNT throw at if you were in the same position right? You guys missing the big picture here, obviously the NBA, TNT and whowever else heard about how dude is blowing up on Youtube and said we got to get him for the All Star break. This kind of thing should be celebrated because this kid got this kind of shine not from some tightly controlled, calculated reoord label publicity machine, and in this day and time in the music biz for these cats to get to where they are now, I think that says a lot.


    Everyone hating should stfu.This is not selling out, this is growing,succeeding on a career. You can't hate on some someone for being on the grind. If you don't like it make your on shoe song. *kanye shrug*

  • jjthainnerprize

    Macklemore you little bitch I knew the sell out was coming I could see it all through that woody woodpecker/fauxhawk fade you rock you eraserhead mother effer.Get stuck up for your shoes next time I see you maybe then you remember.

  • Will

    This is bullshit. They entirely changed/negated the message of the song just to promote the NBA and Macklemore himself was a part of it! I am disgusted. See ya Macklemore.

  • @someone

    Bro, The message was he gets that he's a consumer and he still rocks the fucking J's because its a part of him... Horrible winey brugie go take that shit to payless shoe source.

  • Someone

    Glad Macklemore is getting attention but... Damn at the same time...just lost a good mount of respect for Macklemore... To take a song that targets consumerism and its fake illusions and completely change its meaning to a point where it seems like he's not only promoting NBA (obviously) but also promoting the very industry the song initially criticized... The fact that he changed he modified the lyrics is not that big a deal considering its common when songs are chosen for some big promotion but the fact that it was this song specifically makes me wonder whether Macklemore ever really gave two shits about the message itself....

  • JackRoberts75