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A new music video is always a good reason to watch the beautiful Cassie strut around for a good four minutes.


  • Anonymous

    Can someone explain to me how in any way shape or form how that haircut is attractive?

  • Papa Doc

    Cassie is way hotter than Rihanna, her music is horrible though

  • Anonymous

    She needs to stick to modeling and sucking dicks cuz she can't sing for shit.

    • Anonymous

      bitch you a hater cause she look way better than your ugly ass for the record she in a video and living the life your broke ass probably wanted to live so do yourself a favor and stop hating with ya dusty ass if you don't like her so much than get the fuck off of her pictures and quit putting comments up you fucking hoodrat because only hood rats be hating because yall bitches look like rats and yall snitch like one so go deep thoat off a dirty ass nigga in ya ghetto ass neighborhood and choke off his dick because you a hater thristy ass bitch and if cassie suck dick so much than you must have taught her if you know her business so much i swear yall hoes be hating because yall ugly as shit get out of her life and get a life! i bet cassie look like hundred million dollars compare to ya broke ugly ass sitting home at ya family house freeloading and shit why she got her own shit going on and ya broke ass living off government assistance please hoe you could never compare to cassie

  • clevelandchief

    So why bring an exotic looking chick to the desert? Fuck exotic places. When you have a girl with her looks you bring her to a normal setting. Like a stoop or in front of the corner store. She already pretty so make her look normal as fuk, in fact make her look hood. Put her in somebaggy azz sweats wit a white tee on no panties no bra. And some kinda boots. Let her thug it out cuz this shit yall done did is trying waaaaaay too hard. Then take her out the hod and throw her on the beach for a double video. Let her lil sexy ass roll in the sand with some body paing instead of a bikini. Now thats what kinda Cassie Video I want to see.

  • haha

    Hahahaha 4$ music video! Puffy pimpin this bitch hard