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Lupe is back in "Food & Liquor" mode with glowing eyes, animated characters, Lamborghinis and 40 ounces. All samples cleared.


  • Tariq Beats

    I hope it makes the album.

  • Tariq Beats

    Classy!!! this is the hottest song in 2012 so far...this is the Lupe that i know.

  • ONE for Illinois

    This was and/is much needed...Lupe thank you for doing...you O.N.E.

  • Anonymous

    really good song thats packed with so much lyrical content it'll make you wana rape the wikipedia website

  • Anonymous

    Most people who watch this video won't get the message Lupe was trying to show you. Ignorant people.

  • Akim

    LUPE is the truth,great video and great consept,

  • Anonymous

    Nope, you're thinking of Dope Boy his freestyle over T.R.O.Y. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bSAxIDZZ3M

  • fever

    I feel like the authors of many of these comments have no idea who lupe is. Half the folks on youtube think he is "tupac 2.0". Lupe never was a gangster rapper, and since F&L and The Cool he has always had trouble with record labels trying to change his content. It seems like he is doing his best to make F&L II his album, and no one elses.

    • Dukalion

      Actually, he once was a "Gangster" rapper. He only changed his content after he did the song "Coulda Been", when he started to get into legal/ label troubles. Look up "Knockin At The Door", "Trouble", "Mass Appeal freestyle" & "Pop Pop".

  • Beta2k12

    I Like it. It will go over the average thinkers head though. Niggaz not ready. Cant wait for the album.

  • blackexcellance

    this song is old as dirt i heard it when i was still in high school, and that was over 2 years ago.... lupe still the man tho

  • bro Man tyson

    This was absolutely amazing, the flow, artistry and the parody intermixed to show us exactly in a mirror what we as black folka dn a society at large think about and what we think like. I posted it to my Facebook- great shit !

  • jr88

    santos, you are obviously too stupid to understand his rhymes!so if your wealthy you cant talk about corporate america and how they are taking over this country?...go get your g.e.d you lame...people are trashing lupe but yet they listen to ross and ymcm...lol...you guys are afraid that lupe is actually showing that your favorite rapper is wack as fuck...lol

    • Anonymous

      lol. stop with that fucking ridiculous excuse: 'ahh, they don't like my favorite rapper, so they have to listen to mainsream trash'.

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  • Santos

    You do realize how stupid it sounds for him to be talking about mr. burns or smithers right? He is driving around in a lambo; he is flithy rich. I use to love lupe but this shit is pointless like Jay-z rapping about selling drugs you haven't sold drugs in 20 years. That is like me talking about being a baby cause 20 years ago i was 3 years old. Fuck outta here lupe is wearing thin so is all of rap.

    • Anonymous

      The Lamborghini mocks other music videos and rappers who always show off their wealth in music videos but in reality those cars and jewelry are just rented for the video

    • Anonymous

      check the end of the video. The shit is a rental.

    • Anonymous

      ^love these kind of excuses. worst argument ever.

    • Anonymous

      your completely missing the concept of this video and youre one of the stupid fucks that head got flown oveer by this song, go back to listening to tyga

  • NYC777

    Lupe is dope... this song is banging! Good fresh beat, unreal lyrics, sick hook!! 5/5

  • Anonymous

    i love how lupe doesnt need main stream rappers to be hot....he has his own lane

  • Anonymous

    didnt lupe ghost write american gangster for jay z? lupe is dope

  • jr88

    lupe is keeping hip hop alive....im copping his album for sure...

  • lloyd

    Dude is trying to get back his old fan base...but it isn't working if you ask me :p

    • badboys always win

      He never left his fans if they leave they never meant to be with em- If he lost many he gained even more! Sacrifice, niggah's got to eat, and everybody not selling drugs to poison our community. So if your argument is stay underground forever so he can sit around like a moron saying "yo I got all these haters, and I don't accepts shorts, why these crackheads bringin me change- go get solid dollars..."bullshit...Obviously you didn't decipher any of the lyrics because if you did you would have realized the ignorant people he talking about is you...lol

    • SATX

      So What! U Are Nobody!

  • Anonymous

    hip-hop needs this!! LUPE is AMAZING!!! Lupe & kendrick lamar need to do a track

  • SATX

    Dope! This is the essence of hip hop! Music with a message, not just bragging about money or drugs!

  • wishworks

    Now i see why Pete Rock felt some kind of way. Lupe is ill but this does not mesh, not a fan of this.

    • ben morrison

      Correction*- I meant "Pete rock shouldn't be having any ill will or discontent at all"- that may be your sentiments but until I read Pete Rock was disappointed I am considerng you as hating; Cause when Pete rock can speak for himself- I can here him right now saying "Damn that Lupe is good!...lol

    • ben morrison

      Pete Rock should be having feelings at all- except for hating that Lupe didn't invite hm onto the beat- Its not mandatory and he did the beat justice- so its not like he bastardized the beat -Lupe made that shit hot with relevant insight. Why old rap heads can't just celebrate the new school paying homage to them?

  • Anonymous

    master wordsmith!

  • fernandop

    this shit is blasphemous but hopefully it will influence young kids to get better production with boom bap flava

    • Anonymous

      ehh. a lot of classic songs have been sampled.

    • Anonymous

      it is because he used the same shit , not even change the drums or chop the sample in a diffrent way , it's the same beat , plus that song is a classic , you can't touch a classic

    • Anonymous

      why is it blasphemous? It's lupe doing conscious hip hop over it, not some wack rapper, rapping about ass

    • Anonymous

      co-sign as fuck , to me this shit ruined the song , i just can't hear it over that beat

  • The Observer

    Lupe admitted he scared to rhyme along side Talib...that xplains why he has not called on his influence, Mr Nasir Jones...he's scared too What's up with these commercial rappers scared to collabo with elite lyricist?

  • DX

    Lupe is the best amongst his age group (Drake, Lil Wayne, Asher Roth, Cory Gunz, and J Cole) 1. Lupe Fiasco 2. Cory Gunz 3. Asher Roth 4. Lil Wayne 5. J Cole 6. Drake

  • Anonymous

    No such thing as freedom

  • what

    I heard of dreadlocks but shitlocks?

  • Anonymous

    don't believe these idiots and all the shit they telling why you think lupe blew up and common aint selling?

  • W H O K N O W S

    this is the lupe i've been waiting to come back.. feelin' the direction of this new project.. everybody has a wack album.. Jay has Kingdom Come(amongst others), Nas has Nastradomus, Em has Relapse, Kanye has 808s.. but they all dropped classics or damn near classics that overshadowed that shit.. hope lupe does the same

    • 490717

      Lupe never left. The Cool was a better album than F&L...Lazers was solid, lyrics were on point, maybe you dont like the production but that album was still very good...Friend of the People mixtape was better than most albums. Lupe never left, people just can't stand when an artist doesn't do every album like their first.

  • Anonymous

    DOPE ass fuck! mad props to that homie LU. cartoons in the background supposed to represent fake hustlers/thugs in the rap video today.. As far as him renting a lambo and returning it back again straight dissing those fake rappers claiming in their videos they drive those whips..Genius Lu ahead of his time. All the visuals straight dissing the industry

    • Anonymous

      you're such a fucking idiot, man. there's no word in the engllish language to describe you in an accurate manner. lupe WAS a gangsta rapper, til his a&r's realized that he doesn't posess enough conviction in his voice to transport this kind of subject matter through his words. yall need to realize that these rappers, like lupe, are specifically marketed to appeal to you, the 'alternate group'.

    • Anonymous

      you're the worst kind of idiot there is. the ones who they think have an idea.

  • X

    Straight forward video.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe at his best right here. Listen to the lyrics guppies.

  • Anonymous

    some of these gay rappers can actually rap.

  • Trusttee

    How does this dude consistently stay ahead of his time? Keep staring through the rear-view Lupe and don't mind these bums. F&F!

  • Anonymous

    great song lupe is dope

  • Anonymous

    i prefer this version than Pete and CL's one. Lupe is nice. Finally he's doin him again after this Laser album 5/5 and the video rocks too stop hat in and start building folks

  • what

    Nigga you only get credit where credit is dure, Sorry son but your remake it not even close to be better than Peter rock and CL,

  • JahEerie

    T.R.O.Y. done right!

  • Juliet Papa

    You need to stop being gay u asshol gaping ass nigga

  • flotorious

    this is hip hop

  • boney

    Great Subliminals!!!!!!!!!! Perfectionist!!!!!!!

  • Ismael X

    Havent really messed with Lupe yet, but I feel this joint. He does need to go deeper and not just drop concepts briefly. Above the average dudes head

    • MightyMike27

      No lie I probably got Talib, Mos and Tech as 5, 6 and 7 Lol

    • Ismael X

      My Fav... Dead Prez Talib Kweli Immortal Technique Yasiin Bey

    • MightyMike27

      Deeper than this? lol was that sarcasm? I needed Rapgenius.com for this one and some of the shyt he was talking about. Lupe is the only cat I need to break out rapgenius for. You prolly think I listen to cats like Gucci but my fav emcees r BLU, J.Cole, Black Thought and SLug..just thought I'd mention that if it add any credibility :-/ PeaCe!

  • Anonymous

    this nigga needs to stop rapping