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Oh you thought it was over? Queen B is just getting started.



  • An

    Sigh, most of the commenters are the 18 and under kids from tumblr who are only a fan of the persona that Nicki puts on. You don't know rap or hip hop at all (which is why you're a diehard fan of Nicki, because she incorporates mainstream pop into her work). This is abundantly apparent when you say things like "I don't even know who Lil' Kim is", then claim to know rap. That's literally like saying you love soul music but don't know who Aretha Franklin is. People who know rap but don't like Kiim are a different story. These people acknowledge the incredible amount of talent Kim has and recognize what she's done for female rappers. When Kim did it, she did it best. She was B.I.G.s (another rap legend for you tumblr kids to google) protege for a reason. She's a rap legend for a reason. Nicki's talented and a sick rapper when she wants to be, I'm not taking that from her. Even Kim has said that Nicki is talented. A lot of Kim's work isn't real hip hop/rap tho (mainly her latest stuff). People talking about sales have no idea what they're talking about. All of Kim's albums have gone toe to toe with Nicki's and Kim has sold SIGNIFICANTLY more then Nicki, she's sold almost 2 million more albums alone, not to mention the mix tapes/remixes/singles that Kim's put out over the years. She's taken several 5-10 year long hiatus' and is still relevant and extremely well respected in the community. Basically all I'm saying is go listen to Hardcore and actually educated yourselves. I like Nicki, but it's clear where she draws most of her influence. I bet most of the people talking shit are under 18 and haven't actually LISTENED to Kim's work or thought about what she's actually done for female rappers. I'm gonna end this by saying I like Nicki (when she actually raps) and that Identity Theft is fucking sick.

  • Durbey. E Macon

    The beat and Kim's flow is nice; However, I am very tired of all the female rappers going after Nikki If she wants to be noticed again, than Kim needs to do something that other female MCs aren't doing or haven'r done yet. I am sick and tried of every MC/rapper/backpacker wanting to be the "king" or "queen" of Hip Hop.

  • huh

    she still spitting fire I just wanta sere her get back to straight music and a new album this is a waste of energy , showem you queen don't tellem bars is tuff thou .

  • Cash

    Kim still got it! bars for days. But come on Kim why u tryna start beef u a grown ass woman. Bruh!

  • Anonymous

    hoes calling other hoes hoes lol its all entertaining though

  • Jallk

    Trash. Can. she. Stop.

  • eastcoast hiphop is dead

    Please Kim give it up: * your are 40 years old and look like a freak * Being 40 years old and still dissing is for children. Grow the fuck up. * your career is over. * you never wrote a rhyme in your life. We heard the biggie reference tracks of your first album. My advise. Be a good mom and raise your child and retire.

    • @DoUrHmwrk

      *Nicki hasn't had a hit in three years, despite numerous attempts, and even when she has a hit, it's due to her jumping around and singing like an moron One more piece of ADVICE- if you want people to take your bull shit seriously, at least learn ----- That you do not put "and" after a comma AND you only use the prefix "an" before a word that begins with a vowel. Now shut the fuck up, take a nap AND go kill yourself.

    • DoUrHmwrk

      Do your fucking homework you little shit: *Nicki isn't much younger than Kim, and dresses like a Teletubby *"Dissing" or battle rap is one of the foundations upon which hip hop was built and founded *Nicki hasn't had a hit in three years, despite numerous attempts, and even when she has a hit, it's due to her jumping around and singing like an moron *Kim has written all of her rhymes, and she never sold out One more piece of ADVICE- if you want people to take your bull shit seriously, at least learn how to spell correctly and articulate your words. Now shut the fuck up and go take a nap.

    • Anonymous

      Kim wrote all of her rhymes, a reference does not mean anything in that context, Biggie did not write anything.

  • jumbo380

    There's one thing to borrow a Lil inspiration from someone which I'm sure Nas was speaking of but stilling someone's whole image and style is a different animal rap is a different animal that doesn't embrace spin offs.And your right rap fans are so lost these days but it can be beneficial to Kim regardless of her age bcuz all she needs is the right ass shaking beat for a hit and poof she's back in the game. Another thing is the Lil bitches that fuck with Nikki luvs LYRICS and Nikki can spit and they know all that shit by heart and lyrics is right up Lil Kim's alley.It's crazy that people put an age limit on hip hop when niggas 45 yr old ass is running it and a brother like tech 9 who's in his forties..

  • she's back

    The queen is definitely back


    Bodied Nicki with this one, The Queen is back for real...5 stars

  • 2323Marcus

    Yes! This is great that the Queen is back

  • Fly MC

    This track is so refreshing.. This is the Kim we Know!!! Queen B

  • Lady T

    She's Baaaaaack!Get it Kim! Loves it!

  • >_

    i think you people forgot who lil kim is. idk why you people think that nicki minaj is lyrical. shes a fucking pop star, just look up the lyrics to that bitches new song. looks like a 15 year old white boy wrote her rhymes man. just stop

  • Verbal Tim

    not bad at all BUT... Lil Kim is fuckin irrelevant and however i still love her 1st album it just can't help


    Lil' Kim is still the queen. Some of these fans are the reason we have such a trash hip hop game right now. When someone like the Queen Bee drops some fire tracks, people start talking about her face and her age, rather than talking about LYRICAL CONTENT. Real hip hop heads promote real rappers. The d-riders support whatever is hot. Lil' Kim is eating Nicki Minaj alive.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Kim is too vulnerable in this battle with Nikki. First off, Kim is too old and chicks have an expiration date especially this chick after tons of wasted money on plastic surgery made her look like a freak. Second, hard lyricists that the Queen represents are dead to Hip Hop, no one really listens to rappers anymore, they just shake their butt. Third, Please Kim, every artist borrows from artists that came before them, and some are so bold as to borrow from the present artists, ask Nas. Lil Kim needs to accept that her time has come and gone and she needs to make money in other ways now. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you on all but one, and the third. Her time may have passed but she doesn't have roll over and give up. Now I'm not saying she will get back up to where she once was, but with a hit or two, she can perhaps be relevant enough to venture into other parts of show biz be it hosting a show or any other position that has something to do with Hip Hop, which all she knows.

    • Anonymous

      Don't worry she's all over commenting on DX. "Kim's back" "She killed this." Lol please hip-hop doesn't respect old heads we all know it's you kim

    • jerome

      Please someone anyone....copy and paste this to an email and send it to Lil Kim....she needs to hear these exact words

  • Heart of Brooklyn

    Kim.... Please... Just stop.